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An Outstanding Investment Opportunity (NOT!!!)

Offer Upgrade

01/18/2005 01:45 PM
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An Outstanding Investment Opportunity (NOT!!!)
I received this e-mail today. Am I wrong to pass up on this opportunity?


Greetings from the Netherlands,

I do not intend to take your time unduly as this is
not a financial plea.I am the son to the late
foreign affairs minister of the Federal Republic
Of Zaire, Dr. Pinga Kasenda.

I am moved to write you this letter considering my
present circumstance(to be disclosed in detail),
as I managed to escape to the Netherlands, in Europe
for safety, while my mother and two sisters escaped
to Abidjan, Cote Devoire to settle.

I chose to escape to the Netherlands to carry out the
transfer of a deposited sum($14.5million)in a finance institution,
made by my late father,before his death.
On presenting the relevant documents, as the sole
beneficiary,I was refused the claim base on age and not
having a valid account to transfer this sum to.

Hence,I am soliciting your assistance ONLY to provide an
outstanding account for this transfer.
Note;you will not be required to make any payment of
any form as I and my mother have reserved a good amount for the
miscellaneous expense(s) that might be involved.Ofcourse,you will
be compensated on successful completion of this transaction.

Please,keep confidential as I am presently in the refugee camp in
the Netherlands,with routine restriction on my movement.
I can easily be contacted for details/documents at; wanami01@post.com.

Thanks in anticipation.
Wanami Kasenda
Anonymous Coward
12/08/2005 10:12 AM
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Re: An Outstanding Investment Opportunity (NOT!!!)
Do not back away from this offer-RUN away!