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AHHHH...Costa Rican Tarrazu & DOOM; it's a GREAT DAY!!!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 598304
United States
01/29/2009 08:49 AM
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AHHHH...Costa Rican Tarrazu & DOOM; it's a GREAT DAY!!!
Coffee lovers! Ever had Costa Rican Tarrazu? Man, it's good! I like bold, but smooth coffees; nothing too acidic or acrid. Bitter-is not my cup either. I don't like the tar tasting acidic STARBUCKS crapola...I mean, that shit WAS NEVER GOOD in my book. Diedrich coffee, that was better, maybe even good, but STARBUCKS killed them. I grind my own, and brew my own.
If you ever wanted a cup STARBUCKS here in SoCal, you never have to drive far. A mile maybe. Shit, there's one on every F'in corner around here. Now their numbers are getting culled and I say, "Good Riddance." Home Depot is another on my list of the ANTI-Christ Corporations...They're getting hit hard in the financial Armageddon that the late 00's will be remembered for. There's 4 Home Depots within 7 miles of where I live. They killed mom & pop hardware with a vengeance.
There have been no less than 70,000 layoffs this week...it's only Wednesday. SPRINT...DIE! IBM...DIE! TARGET...DIE! Target is another one...4 of those within 7 miles of here too. AOL...DIE! BEST BUY...DIE! BOEING...FUK EM!!!
BIG BID-NESS...YES this decade may be known as the killer of GIANTS. In a few years, damn, imagine all the boarded up windows, the empty parking lots with weeds growing through the cracks, maybe tent cities set-up with the skeleton of corporate greed in the background...
I got pinched out last February. I was in construction. With gas at $4 a gallon, and work getting scarce, it got to where I couldn't even to work anymore. I use to make a $100K a year. Then they started to take money away from me. I gotta a big mouth, so I got fired from a 5 year hitch with a company I helped create...as they marched in young inexperienced people I trained, I was complicit in my own obsolescence. They paid them less, and suddenly the bosses were looking at the "old help" kinda funny...like we were parasites. That company is going balls up now...I only had to wait 3 years to watch them pay for their disgusting greed. I moved to another company after that gig; small operation with nice people, but they couldn't keep me working, so I had to leave last February...
I work at home now. I sold my tools off and just rolled the dice! Man it was ballsy, but I was just about to lose it all; I had nothing to lose. I ain't gettin rich, but I'm paying the bills, and I NEVER BREAK A SWEAT.
Our doom is coming...Better prepare. Just a little something to give you a headstart. Some food, some medical stuff, some way to protect your family.
You see, it's already started. Most of think that there will be cataclysmic event to set it off...ITS ALREADY A BIG MESS, you just have to see it. Now give a nice big, well *SOMETHING* natural disaster, false flag, and well...
I'm gonna get another cup of joe, and laugh a bit more.
Have a great DOOM day!!!