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Zounds! Knave steals costumes from Oregon Shakespeare Festival

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01/29/2009 07:02 PM
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Zounds! Knave steals costumes from Oregon Shakespeare Festival
ASHLAND, Ore. - Police in southern Oregon are on the lookout for a crook dressed to lead 76 trombonists - or to troop across the moors.

Somebody broke into the costume shop at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival last weekend.

The theatrically inclined thief made off with hats and coats designed for "The Music Man" and "Macbeth" productions opening next month.

Among the missing items: two of Professor Harold Hill's jackets and a grey straw boater.

The "Macbeth" cast is minus a black military overcoat, a uniform jacket and other overgarments.

Festival spokeswoman Amy Richard says only the clothing was taken - cellphones and a digital camera were left behind.

[link to www.cbc.ca]