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02/05/2009 11:20 PM
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It's all about becoming ONE!

Quote from article;

"But the examples of Danaher, 3M and many others where Lean has provided out sized benefits can’t be ignored. We are entering into a “new world order,” and how companies themselves will shake out and how Western manufacturers will fare against those in China and other low-cost countries could go in several directions, I think.

Lean Manufacturing 2.0?

[link to www.scdigest.com]
Is Lean a salvation for manufacturers, or a set of tools that can be useful but is often overhyped?

A little of both?

Lean manufacturing and Lean supply chain thinking have been incredibly powerful forces, and radically transformed hundreds of companies and the thinking of a broad swath of the manufacturing and supply chain industries.

Yet, at the same time, there has been some doubt and disappointment. Many have questioned whether Lean has been taken too far in many cases and left companies vulnerable to supply chain disruptions and customer service issues.
Gilmore Says:

I think a few of the larger consultants have put a toe into the Lean practice water, but I don’t think most of them have gotten much more than their feet wet – not sure why that is.
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I bring this up, in part, as we usually do, to summarize what we’ve done in the latest Supply Chain Digest Letter on Lean Manufacturing. Many thousands of you should have received a copy in the mail, but if you didn’t and would like an electronic copy, or you would like to access a wealth of other resources, you can find them at our Lean Manufacturing Resources page.

Consider a company like Danaher, a growing industrial giant, which has made its custom version of Lean a science and an incredibly powerful driver of profits.

A couple of years ago, I happened to sit right next to a gentleman named Jim Britt, at the time a McKinsey Lean consultant who I believe has subsequently gone elsewhere. (Be forewarned, if you sit next to me on a plane, you are likely to receive a friendly interrogation.)

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