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02/08/2009 02:53 AM
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The latest public opinion survey in the West Bank and Gaza Strip has shown a dramatic rise in Hamas’ popularity among Palestinians, with a significant decline in Fatah’s public standing.

Moreover, the poll showed that a majority of Palestinians believed that the advent of the Obama administration in the U.S. wouldn’t make a big difference with regard to American efforts to resolve the Palestinian issue. According to the poll, Turkey, Venezuela and Iran as well as Hezbullah are the most popular regional forces among Palestinians.

The results of the latest poll, conducted by the Jerusalem Media and Communications Center (JMCC) from 29-31 January, showed that nearly 48 % of respondents believed that Hamas came out of the Israeli blitz against Gaza victorious. Nearly 10 per cent opined that Israel won the war, while over a third of respondents, 37.4% said that neither side achieved victory.

The poll, surveying a random sample of 1,198 respondents, found a dramatic rise in the popularity of Hamas, especially in the West Bank. In contrast, the popularity of the Fatah movement suffered a significant decline, especially in the West Bank.

When asked if general Palestinian elections were held today, 28.6% of respondents said they would vote for Hamas. Fatah’s standing declined from 34% last April to 27.9 in this poll.

According to the latest poll, trust in Hamas rose from 16.6% last November to 27.7 % in this poll. In contrast, the percentage of those who said they trusted Fatah fell down from 31.3% to 26%. According to a press release by the JMCC, the rise in Hamas’ popularity occurred mainly in the West Bank, which is controlled by the Western Backed Palestinian Authority.

Similarly, the percentage of those who said they trusted Ismael Haniya, the Prime Minister of the Gaza-based Palestinian government, increased from 12.8% last October to 21.1 in this poll. Trust in PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas went down from 15.5% last October to 13.4 in this poll.

The poll showed that the percentage of those opining that the performance of the American-backed government of Salam Fayad is better than that of the Gaza-based government declined significantly from 36% last April to 26.9% in this poll.

However, those who believed that the performance of the Fayad government is worse than that of the Haniya’s government rose substantially from 29.1 to 40% per cent.
The latest poll also found that support for military resistance against the Israeli occupation rose from 49.5% last April to 53.5% in this poll.


Seems to me like the radical zionists running the show
the public has been conditioned to accept this
as a rationalization for an on-going genocide of
Palestinians - so these poll numbers play right
into the plan...SICK

[link to desertpeace.wordpress.com]

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02/08/2009 03:00 AM
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When asked if general Palestinian elections were held today, 28.6% of respondents said they would vote for Hamas. Fatah’s standing declined from 34% last April to 27.9 in this poll.
 Quoting: jew4peace 610206

Thats why I said before the invasion that israel would be insane to go in there because they would lose the minute they started shooting. Of course I say that knowing full well that it works to israel's advantage to have a more confrontational leadership in Gaza so I don't reject the idea that israel intended for this to happen.

Anonymous Coward (OP)
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United States
02/08/2009 03:07 AM
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Good point!


"Recently, September 2008, Yonat Shimron of McClatchy Newspapers reported that Gregory Ross, spokesperson for Clarion Fund, a New York non-profit is paying newspapers distributed a DVD called "Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West" by Raphael Shore, a Canadian who lives in Israel. The film, home-delivered in 70 newspapers across the country, depicts extreme Islamism as a kind of Nazism. Gregory Ross is quoted to say: "There is no greater threat than radical Islam".

Funny this “war against the West” that so many Jews need to educate us?

"Radical Islamism" and "Islamofascism" are phrases neocon-o-fascists like William Kristol (one of the founders for Project for the New American Century), freely bandy about in American newspapers as if goyim America, in general, was too dense to not detect the self-serving, Israeli first propaganda, as they have thence been equally willing to gamble off America’s true national security interests. And for what—for a delusional psychiatric basket case of a country that can’t get along with many other countries and so continually acts like an autistic child—and a child mind you that cannot fathom the idea of ever growing up because it is so in love with its delusion of belonging to a “special” case of Cosmic origin and destiny that has went through many challenges?

The Israeli Zionism movement, or more pointedly to use NeoCon Artist reverse psychology semantics, "radical Zionofascism" is as likely the biggest threat to the our national security and freedom here in the states. Because if one examines the relationship America has had with Israel it is clear that it has been detrimental to our interests, and it has seriously weakened our ability to get along peacefully with too much of the rest of the world—not to mention the bankruptcy for our tax-payer treasury that still manages to continuously spigot resource their way irrespective of their ingrate attitudes (and to forgive all debts to their presumed bathic “exceptionalism”).

Nor should we forget to mention that Israel's attitude toward the U.S., and to much of the rest of the world, has often been "… give us, give us, while we take, take, take, and then we can act out a "flake off America" attitude to any legitimate concerns if right-wing “rogues” in Israel do not happen to like them.

Granted that most Jewish Americans here in the U.S. are liberal, and do not approve of many of these right-wing and blackmail tactics, still the minority that do carry much power are willing to do us damage, while leftist passivity as unwillingness to challenge their ethnocentric mindset, has cost this culture too dire much.

One would think that this Yom Kippur season there would be some apologies extended not just to John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, who dared print their Israel Lobby report knowing the flak they would get, but also to former President Jimmy Carter who at least showed courage in the face of the silent intransigence of their “Jewish Only” mindset in Israel as well as here in the United States.

Americans do not need more reminders via seemingly smug editorial page commentaries from Rabbis across the country about how much America has been psychologically tied to, and affected by, Judeo-Christianity over the centuries. We are well aware. Nor do we need more subtle guilt-tripping reminders of the historical litany of Egyptian, Babylonian and Roman oppression, or European ghettos and Nazi Holocaust, etc., intermingled with the “longing for the ancestral peoplehood that heard the ram’s horn”.

Maybe instead it is time for Judeo-Christianity in general to recognize the slavery of religious mind control that many cultures have suffered in general over the centuries?

However what is particularly noteworthy is the “psychology” of the ancient roots of their religion that honors “authoritarianism” because the Old Testament is based precisely on the same mentality.

Equally, the fact still remains, that the people who claimed to have been Jews, or the chosen people, were historically “outsiders” to the land of Canaan, and therefore they have historically tried to chase off or fight off the inhabitants that lived there prior.

Abraham was an outsider from a city-state called Ur which would now be close to Baghdad Iraq—but there is no world Jewry demanding land in Iraq to honor their swarthy (non Caucasian) roots? Yet with imagination Abraham found ‘his’ vision that he “claimed” God gave ‘his’ people a new land elsewhere out East (but we are suppose to believe it because it was written in an ancient book?). Still the land of Canaan was “already” preoccupied even back then.

Years later according to their religious propaganda, again Moses, a tyrant personality at times to be sure, conceived of another series of delusions about a tyrannical God that commanded, as felt necessary, the killing off the current Semites (no anti-Semitism here?) of Canaan and surrounding peoples for those he supposedly left from Egypt—traveling 40 years in a land that a camel caravan could transverse in two weeks. Yes this particular conception of a high God who was willing to kill off the Hittites, the Canaanites, the Perizzites, the Jebusites, the Hivites, etc., for who—outsiders who were still claiming some “just” God gave them special privilege to walk over other people and bury them in their path.

And on and on it goes to this very day—while Israel pretends a sheep’s garments of democracy—but only if you happen to be Jewish—otherwise this culture can will utilize the tyrant’s tools of discrimination, disenfranchisement, oppression, imprisonment and death."

[link to colorado.indymedia.org]


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