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Vedic Astrology: Tonight's Lunar Eclipse (Feb 8-9th)

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02/08/2009 07:43 PM
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Vedic Astrology: Tonight's Lunar Eclipse (Feb 8-9th)
Lunar Eclipse in Cancer Tonight

Feb 8th /9th, 2009 During Early AM.


There will occur a Lunar Eclipse in the Sign of Cancer (Karkata Rashi) late Sunday Night, early Monday morning, visible on the West Coast of the USA and Canada, Hawaii and East Africa. For viewers on the West Coast (actually viewing is not recommended in Vedic shastras), the Moon will disappear in a cloud of Rahu's smoky sinister handiwork about an hour before Moonset. Since during a Full Moon or Purnima, Moonset occurs just before Sunrise (for a Full Moon is by definition 180 degrees away from the Sun), the last half of the eclipse will not be visible.

The rising Lord of the Day, Lord Surya-Narayana greeting a setting Full Moon in the throes of Rahu's devastation is particularly unsettling, <I>as is the setting of a Moon while during eclipse</I>. Overall, the inauspiciousness of the Lord of Herbs and Tastes, Lord Chandra-<I>graha</I>, facing eclipse is an unwelcomed augury, but for places wherein the Moon eclipses while in the act of setting, the inauspiciousness is increased.

Watch out, California, there have been many recent minor quakes on your "Ring of Fire". Be prepared for the influence to continue in the bleak aftermath. This EFI, or continuing "Eclipse Field of Influence", usually lasts for some weeks afterwards, with red flags going up for dates such as February 16th-17th, and March 9th-10th. (Generally, travel will not be recommended then.)

Those who were born in lunar Cancer should use their usual crab-like circumspection to their good advantage.

We have been in what some stellar gazers term as the "Abyss of Two Eclipses" since there was a solar black-out in the Vedic sign of Makara (Capricorn) on 20th January, 2009, when the Moon was in its Amavashya or "new Moon" phase. So eclipses must occur only at a distance of time of one fortnight or fifteen days. This particular "Eclipse Cycle" contains two eclipses, though some have only one, and others three. 2009 is cursed with six eclipses, a large number, so the trends of economic woes, etc. will continue to plague the world.

The Solar Eclipse two weeks ago brought its share of disasters, bizarre news and conflict to the headlines including armed conflicts in the Middle East, an ice floe tragedy on Lake Erie, and a few plane crashes. Even as this is written, Australia is suffering its worst wild fire ever, with over a hundred incinerated and entire towns turned to ashes. That every passenger survived the plane crash in the Hudson a week and a half ago indicates that this particle eclipse cycle has its silver lining. Indeed, there are certain types of eclipses that also bring good fortune for some. For example, Rahu "rules" mass poisonings, and during this "Abyss of Eclipses", the police have announced evidence in cracking open the infamous Tylenol Poising Case. Another Texas man convicted of rape by an over-eager force of Texas lawmen, and who subsequently died in jail, was proven innocent in revelatory DNA analysis. [Rahu's evil craft is also seen in rebellions, government take-overs and sinister plots.]