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Message Subject JUPITER IGNITION!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Greetings Love beings, Love is in the Air~ Love is everywhere. Vibrating through this entire Planet and all on her. If you are connected to the Planet you will be able to feel this. This energy is available to All. You will Feel this as a Vibration of Joy throughout your entire Being. What has occurred is Time has now officially stopped and the Portal of Love Has Opened for All to enter into Eternity. This is the Divine Intervention energy as a Gift from US to All of Humanity. This Energy will climax around April 21st, 2012. True Freedom is Here, Love is Here and exists in the Unity Consciousness that is spreading contagiously like wild fire across The Planet. Nice Planet, this is the Daily Planet.

If you have not Already, Just Jump! The egos would like to delay the inevitable and are roaming around the internet asking for more time, lol. Time's UP~ for all ego's in isolation and separation from the Truth on this Planet.The Planet does not wait for ego's, the Planet does not have any more time. The events are not going to happen next year, they are indeed Happening NOW, if one is paying attention.

Wild Weather Continue's with 3/4 of the USA under red alert and a tornado warning in California. WOW. Throughout the coming week prepare for More wild weather that will have the Whole Planet going UHM?

[link to soundofheart.org]
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