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Message Subject Obama is a Dickhead
Poster Handle James Richmond Ret Combat ve
Post Content
All he has to do is mention thousands of unemployed Americans, and it reminds me that he encourages Mexicans to stay here illegally and steal American jobs.

That is unforgivable, and it will never matter what righteous thing he does; (if he does)


Shut the fuck up idiot. It's the big businesses outsourcing and bankers that are causing economy to collapse that are causing it.....and guess what it's THE AVERAGE AMERICAN WHO SUPPORT ALL THIS BY DOING NOTHING BECAUSE OF THEIR COMFY LIFE STYLE ARE ULTIMATELY THE REASON FOR ALL THIS..... DUMB ASS
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 599500

 Quoting: GihadMuthaFucka 930321

Anonymous Coward 599500 you must be part of the occupy crowd. Your words remind me of this complete idiot I once new, he ate his own feces to why, a complete lack of a brain stem. Corporate america is what makes the jobs, pays the salary's of every person working. As for the illegals they should be tossed out on their fourth point of contact. They come here without following the right process and expect you, me and all of america to foot their bills. It is time to grow up, smell the coffee and do something other than blame some rich guy for your lack of balls to do anything except bitch. Now you go fuck off and get out of my country that I shed blood for you fucking dick wad ass eating shit faced cum guzzling quife.
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