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Becoming Light(er): Your Crystal Body and the New Energies

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 613300
02/12/2009 06:36 PM
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Becoming Light(er): Your Crystal Body and the New Energies
Becoming Light(er): Your Crystal Body and the New Energies

by Celia Fenn

This article is written to assist those who are in the Indigo to Crystal transition, and also those who have completed their transition. Archangel Michael has once again asked me to share this information with you in the understanding that many of you are struggling to find ways of coping with the new way of life. Understand that this new way of life is very different from the old, and you cannot just go on living as you did previously. There are certain changes that must happen as you become lighter in body, mind and spirit. You are becoming light, as you assume your conscious role as a Human Angel.

The Human Angel or Crystal body is lighter than the old human body. It carries and transmits more light at higher frequencies. It transmits the new multi-dimensional frequencies to assist others to begin their transition as well. But when we say "lighter" we don't necessarily mean in weight. Many Crystal children and adults are fairly solid and stocky. This keeps them grounded and "here" in their bodies. The lightness is the ability of the physical form to hold and transmit light at high frequencies.
In this article we will discuss how lightness may be expressed on the Physical, Emotional/Mental and Spiritual Levels:

The Physical Body
At this level there are two aspects that are vitally important in maintaining the health of the physical vehicle. These are Diet and Exercise. Many of you will say that you don't feel like exercise, in fact all you want to do is sleep. But exercise can help you to break through this to a more balanced way of life.

DIET: The principle of eating in the New Energy is to eat as close to the source of light as possible. This means eating high on the food chain. Primarily plant food, since plants transmute light into glucose for human consumption via the process of photosynthesis. So eating fruit and vegetables, fresh and organic if possible, is more likely to ensure that your physical food is a good source of light.

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Source: [link to snoedel.punt.nl]

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Anonymous Coward
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United States
02/12/2009 07:00 PM
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Re: Becoming Light(er): Your Crystal Body and the New Energies
I still have yet to see any evidence (in real life) that star children or crystal people exist. I only see this stuff on the internet.