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Another dream thread

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 615219
02/14/2009 07:22 PM
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Another dream thread
First of all, I don't claim to have received any real message from God (although the circunstances favor that opinion). Nor do I claim to have precise information - it is fragmented, to tell the truth. But since I've seen lots of posts recently about dreams and doom, I'll post mine here.

A couple of nights ago, I had read a lot of threads here and couldn't seem to make sense in most of them. Then before going to sleep, I asked God if he would tell me somehow if there was any truth in anything posted here. I wasn't expecting anything, because like probably most of you, I've asked Him stuff before and never got even a "thanks for your contact" reply. And I totally understand what happened may have been influenced by the threads I read and the mind state I was in. But...

I had a dream which I for some reason could not remember until today. First thing to notice is that somehow the dream was an affirmative answer to the question I had made (i.e. is there really something going on that will some sort of doom to us?). I just felt it. It was not written anywhere, and nobody said that it to me. It was a feeling, a true feeling. Next, I saw a huge portion of water, which I can't say whether it was a lake or the sea, and I'm not quite sure I could see land (although I think I could, but I'm really not sure). Then there was some sort of a sphere - or that's how I remember it - and it came from the sky and it kinda touched the water at least three times. And then it was gone. And I had a thought in the dream, something like "hmm, so that's how it's gonna be like".

I know it makes little sense, as most dreams, and I know it can be one of those dreams we have when we've focused on something for a long time. And I sure can't tell you I REALLY believe in it. It's the first doom-like dream I have since I've been come here, though.

Anyway, since I remembered it today, I thought I'd better post it here just in case. Maybe someone had a similar dream or maybe someone will just show me the BS flag. Whatever. It's done.