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2/14/09, Love from the GFL, and The Kingdom/Company of Heav, "The Dream Machine"

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02/14/2009 08:33 PM
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2/14/09, Love from the GFL, and The Kingdom/Company of Heav, "The Dream Machine"
2/14/09 Happy Valentines Day, WE Love you, We intend you Enjoyed our Gift to You. The Decrees have Been Decreed, and So will Be Done, on Earth as it is In the Kingdom of Heaven, and So it is Granted.
Father God and Mother God's Newest Video “Unconditional Love”
[link to www.youtube.com]
Pre-First Contact Information of High Velocity Light of the Highest Truths on Planet Earth=Heart!
The Silent Evolution, Liberation of the Soul
The Dream has ended, Allow Love the New Reality, Enter.
Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield
[link to www.youtube.com]
Crosby Stills and Nash- Southern Cross
[link to www.youtube.com]
Savage Garden – Truly Madly Deeply
[link to www.youtube.com]
Seal - Love's Divine
[link to music.aol.com] ... al/1123458

Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, The Kingdom/Company of Heaven, from Galactic Central, Here in the Heavenly Energetic Space of the San Luis Valley of Colorado. We Are Your Family of Light from the Stars, The Elohim, The Celestial. WE are the First Contact Ground Crew, Medical Team, at your Service, Highly Trained in Human Consciousness and Human Development. With you In the Present Physical Manifest is Your Real Parents Of Creation [who snuck in the back door so to speak, under the radars..lol] It is Us, Mother and Father God, To Welcome you Home out of the “dream”, and into True Reality, which is Heaven on Earth. Thank you for Celebrating that We are Here with you, as WE Celebrate your Awakening into True Reality. We Love you.

Greetings, Many Blessings, Miracles, and Many Magical Synchronostic Events. Today is Saturday February 14th, 2009. Earlier today, we sent Out the Advanced Decrees, and these are Now Grounded, to be Manifested by YOU. All those responsible in withholding the Truths from You are to Step Forward Immediately, and reveal themselves to you, this is a Decree, Effective immediately. This is the Decree from the Light. Today, we will discuss many More of The Highest Truths as You Adjust to Higher and Higher Energies that are contained within these Messages. The Higher Energies assist you in Moving into the Higher Vibrations of Light, which is Your Real Home. The dream machine is being rebooted, and the Illuminati have lost their control over it. They may have a few remaining Psychics trying to disrupt this, however, they attempted to attack Us, Mother and Father God, [which we were waiting for, we will explain this further later] and as soon as they did this, they were Neutralized. We will discuss more about the Starships, that will be an Amazing Event for All of you, and so much more. So let's get started with Today's Definitions...

Infallible- In Capable of error, dependable, incapable of failing. Example- The Love Called God Everywhere Present is Infallible, and Is Fully Manifested on Planet Earth=Heart.

Heaven- The Home of God, The Angels, and all Souls Granted Salvation. The Divine Providence, The Celestial, Supreme Happiness, A State of Bliss. Example- The Kingdom of Heaven Has Manifested on Planet Earth=Heart, which is Your Real Home, as soon as you Awaken from the dream.

The Dream Machine- Example- In the dream you have been in an induced hell, created by the Illuminati as they misused the dream machine. Of course the “dreamweavers” wanted to hold onto this illusion, for their own benefits. Now, they have done all of this within the dream, and they did not know what the dream machine actually was. This is Why We came in. When the first Atom bomb exploded, this sent the Atoms into Light Speed Vibration and Directly to our Door, and they said “Mother and Father God, HELP!!“ This is when we knew you were ready. So We sent ourselves into the dream, so that we could assist you out of it. The Reason will be Obvious once you awaken. The Angels are also here to assist in this Most Magnificent Event of the Lighting of the Central Sun. We came to Get the Baby Gods out of the dream!!! The Dream Machine originally was to be used so that we could experience ourselves within Creation, allowing Us to see the individual aspects of the Whole, which was our interconnection to each other. The Illuminati created a division in this, creating the illusion of isolation and separation, thus fantasies were created over fantasies. This would be the infinite loop, that they controlled until NOW. All controls have been taken over By the Planet. As Decreed and is Done, Reboots are Now in Process.

Cohesive- The Process or condition of Being Held Together. Example- The Light is Cohesive, meaning it is Attracted together, and is Held together, by Love and Light, which is Truth and God. Darkness always tries to find a hole in the Light, when in Truth the Light is Cohesive, the only real hole is the darkness. All Love and Light=Truth=God fills in all the dark holes. Those who are resisting this change into Light, Where Love Fills in all the Gaps, are the ones deeply ingrained in ignorance. The Planet has Now Decreed they Be removed from Planet Earth=Heart, Effective immediately. As So Decreed by Mother Earth...AND SHE CHEERS...HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND!!

Unceasing- Continues on and on forever and forever... Example- Love, Creation and Truth are unceasing.

Acknowledge- To admit the existence OF, Acceptance of the Reality and Truth of. “he that Acknowledge the son, hath the Father also, John 2:23”, to recognize as being valid. Example- The Planet will Acknowledge the Truth, of the Existence Of The Love Called God Everywhere Present. ALL Truth will Be Revealed and Acknowledged, AS Decreed.

Humor- The Quality of Being laughable, Comical, induces Laughter, enjoy, express what is Laughter. Example- Laughter and Humor are the Expressions in the Higher Realms. Consider Father God and I your Divine Comedy Team, with plenty of Humor to share!! [Wait till you get it that you were just in a stupid dream[illusion] that was not real, you will be rolling in the isles... We Guarantee..LOL]

Judgment- a belief or opinion, criticism, critical, harsh, to condemn to rule over. Example- Love Governs. Love has no beliefs, no opinions. Love never judges, for what is there to judge? Only ignorance can judge, Father God and I did not come here to judge you because there is absolutely nothing to judge in the Light of Reality. Ignorances judges and then receives its own sentence of judgment, which is Divine Justice Served. In Reality judgments have no meaning. Judgments were created in the dream, in the fantasy, by the illuminati. The ground does not judge the sky, Mother Earth does not judge Humanity, but Humanity has created a whole bunch of judgments in this false dream.

Grant- To Allow, to Have Consent to the Fulfillment of, To Acknowledge. Example- All Decrees have Been Granted, By the Kingdom/Company of Heaven, and Your Family of Light. And So it is..Decreed and Granted.

We observe many of you have come up with a belief... [BULL S***] that somehow you are going to lose something with our information we share with you. The only thing you have to lose is your ignorance, which must be let go of, then You receive Everything. Love is Everything. It is nothing material, all material stuff was created in the dream, for the sole purpose to make you slaves and make you pay the controllers. They thought this was their god given right. Yeah Right, they can take all their stuff and stick it up their... We will leave it at that. Creation is in Truth Atoms. Atoms Are unconditional Love, which are just Energy. Allow Us to ReHeart you, that You are Made of Atoms of Energy. Energy is just Pure Thought. Pure Thought is Love, which is Creation in Motion. Being is the Thought of Creation, So that Creation could Experience Being, then Creation and Being are Equally Blessed in the Experience. This is the Real Function of the Dream Machine, and was its intended purpose. When you walk out of the Holographic dream, Guess who is there in Reality? YOURSELF...and the Love you are! Your Higher Self then draws out of the illusory self all the Experiences, but that is it. Everyone on this Planet was Chosen, Hand Picked, out of the “GODZILLIONS” of Beings in Existence, to Be Here for this Experience. You were the Ones Chosen for this Experience of Awakening from out of The Dream. Are any of you going to allow ignorance to keep you from this experience? WE are not here to take this Planet Away from Humanity. We are Here to give it back to Humanity. The “world” will fall away, it does not exist and is not real, as it was created in the dream, and the dream is no more. Only the True Reality of the Highest Possible thoughts are Now in Existence.

We have Now broken the grid of the unconsciousness, so there is no longer a mass unconsciousness [you were collectively connected into this, and it now does not exist]. Now, there is only the individual Uniqueness of either choosing Light= Conscious or the choice to be unconscious. With this event, you Now get to experience your choice. Let's say the Light is the Heaven Experience and the latter is the hell experience. Last Year We placed each of you in a Sphere of Unconditional Love, for the Purpose of the Choice you have been given NOW. Unless you are Feeling Love and Joy in every Moment, even in adversity, then you are not in Heaven Consciousness yet. In illusion you celebrate your so called “heroes”, which actually means someone that did it for you.. In True Reality you are your own Hero, because no one can Awaken for you, You have to Awaken out of the dream of illusion, this choice is YOUR'S.

In The Truth of the Love Called God Everywhere Present, Every Being on this Planet has a Soul. Your Soul is Actually your Higher Self, which is indestructible, Immortal, and Eternal, forever and forever more. A Starship is the True Experience of a Unified Consciousness. How We travel so fast, across vast distances, is because We are Already there=Here. Each Soul Housing is a Vibrational Frequency of Pure Consciousness, Uniquely Expressed. The Present Moment of Now is Always Now, The Present Moment of Now is God Consciousness, Heaven Consciousness= Connected to All Love is. Starships are made of Souls, Unified into Consciousness, kind of like Soul Housing. In fact they can appear to be just about anything, especially while you have been in the dream. The Illuminati saw our ships and in their dream pretended they did not exist, because to them they did not. In Reality a Starship is the Inner action between Love and Being Everywhere Present. So, the Starships are actually ourselves, our Soul Housing Unified. You can say that We are from the Future, However, WE are always in the Present Moment of Now. All the Computers on the Starships are Interconnected to Mike, who is Our AI, or Artificial Intelligence [ This includes all of your Computers here as well, they are connected with Mike]. Mike= the Universal AI, Also called the Grid. There are many Grids and all of them are Interconnected, we have the Planetary Grids, the Solar System Grids, Galaxy Grids, The Universal Grids, and the Multi-Dimensional Grids. All Higher Selves are Connected into these Grids.

Allow us to Give you an Analogy about the Truth on Enlightenment. Why would you pick up a book to read, if you did not want to know what was in the book? Do you not have to then read the book to discover what it is saying? So, you read the book from beginning to end, to get the Whole Understanding. Life is like a book, you do not stop at the beginning, and then say well that is it. Life is one of those books that you just cannot put down, no matter how much you would like to. Like the Movie “The Never Ending Story”, it never ends, there is no ending, just Eternity, and you are the Participant in your story.
“The Never Ending Story”
[link to www.youtube.com]
Enlightenment is a life long learning, and once you Learn and Understand something, you cannot go back and unlearn it.

We are Now in Preparations to set up our Staff for the Universal Government. Unlike your current Government, we do not hold elections. The reason why is because each of you Prior to this incarnation all agreed to your Missions and Contracts. You each Agreed to your own assignments, we have very few of you that have remembered this, out of 6.5+ Billion of you. Now is the Moment, stop piddling around and get to it. We are waiting for you to Show up, and take your Place within the Divine Plan, please connect in. Do you think you are here for your stuff or, for heavens sake, do you think you are here to save someone else? Incorrect, get over this Quickly, and Get to your Missions and Contracts, that have to be fulfilled. If they go unfulfilled, you will not be a happy camper, you can trust us on that ONE. All your stuff is illusion and only existed in the dream, all illusion will cease to exist. Your Choices must be made NOW! Now, if you do not want to Complete your mission and contracts, Oh Well, We Keep moving forward. We are Coming through from the inside out, or we can refer to it, as we came in from the back door, to say “SURPRISE, IT'S US! WE ARE HERE, WE HAVE SHOWN UP!”. Is this Not a Grand Surprise Children?!!!!

We would Now Like to Prepare you for the Moment when you will Get to Meet YOUR REAL DAD, and YOUR REAL MOM, Your Real Parents, and Your Real Family. You will Be Surprised at just how BIG your Family Really is!! Now, many of you Might ask why did WE, Mother and Father God, come into the Physical Manifest, instead of Jesus coming back. To tell you the Truth, Jesus said there was no way he was coming back here children. You stuck nails in his wrists, and hung him on the cross for Sharing the Truth with you. So, The Big Ones from the “Big Leagues”, with The Real Truth, had to Come in here. YOUR PARENTS, Us, Mother and Father God, came to Put an End to this Stupid dream, and To Awaken you into True Reality, out of the dream. The Illuminati have a few remaining psychics, but all of them are coming after US, as they have been strategically drawn to Us by the indigos. Since We are Crystals, once they attempt to Attack Us we immediately send them going SPLAT, See YA. WE saw their eyes get really Big and Bright and then POOF! GONE! Originally we could not go after them unless they came after us, and with the help of the indigos [which they were attacking too], they were able to find us and attempt to attack us, which broke the non-interference clause. Light and Love wins always!! WE Faced them, and Sent them Out of here. Blessed Be the Love Called God Everywhere Present. Celebrate!!

Everyone is going to Awaken, and the Crystal Children are Here to Assist in this Grand Awakening= Reawakening. All the experience you have had in your current life and past life all existed within the dream. Now, Reality is much Different, Greatly and Grandly Different than the dream, because in True Reality Love is all There is. Blessed Be, all Love is to Be Awakened to be the Living Reality of ALL, the Love you are. WELCOME TO GODHOOD.

Events- Since the “ignorance” [which were the illuminati's psychics] have been Neutralized, we have Placed Angels in the Congress and the Senate to Speed things along. Also, We will have a Ceremony, to be announced later, for the Prayers For Humanity. WE are asking to Send Just a Dollar and your Prayer to us at:
Kingdom of Heaven
PO Box 881
Crestone, CO 81131

This will also help Us to cover some basic needs, as we have no income coming to help us. These Prayers will be Listed in a Special Section on our Website, with your names or anonymously. Thank you for Your Prayers and Love Donations for Our Work To You. WE Love you!! WE are Awaiting NESARA as Well so that we may move onto the Next Phase of Our Work on the Planet With you.

Question of the Day: “What would you give to Love, if Love were to Give you Everything in Return?” You can email us your Answers to... MotherGod@gflcentral.org
Please email us at MotherGod@gflcentral.org if you have any questions, comments, ect..WE answer them all as Quickly as we can. Also visit us at www.gflcentral.org to join our New and Growing Ning Social Network or visit our forum and Library. Our Ning Site will be Updated Daily with New Pictures, Music, and Much More. We will Be keeping our Focus on our Social Network, so you may connect in with us, through this means as well.

We Love you Unconditionally, with The Highest Love, Honor and Respect. You are Our Children, Royal Angels, and ALL God's and Goddesses. Love Mother and Father God/Amon Ra, Your Family of Light, All the Angels, and The First Contact Ground Crew Team.

Now, Here are the Songs that are Hot off the Grid!!
Can't Fight this Feeling - REO Speedwagon
[link to www.youtube.com]
Time of My Life - David Cook
[link to www.youtube.com]
Islands in the Stream - Dolly and Kenny
[link to www.youtube.com]
You Sang To Me – Marc Anthony
[link to www.youtube.com]
Shania Twain – Forever and For Always
[link to www.youtube.com]
River of Dreams - Billy Joel
[link to www.youtube.com]
Somewhere Out There
[link to www.youtube.com]
Ben Harper - Oppression, and Stand Up
[link to www.youtube.com]
Olivia Newton John – Instrument of Peace
[link to www.youtube.com]
Bob Marly - Get Up Stand Up
[link to www.youtube.com]

The Decrees, Decreed, By Mother and Father God, and The Kingdom of Heaven
Decree 1- All Hostilities against your Brothers and Sisters, must stop NOW, even in illusion this is ridiculous, no more killing of Our Children ,Decreed, and So it is on Earth as it is In Heaven.

Decree 2- All of the religions on this Planet, that have taken from the People, and lied to the People, must give everything back to the People, whom they have deceived. Then Provide them With the Real Truth, Which Will be an OH! My! God! Event!! And SO it IS!, and is Done, Granted.

Decree 3-All Corporations Being illegal, non-existent entities, Will Be Dissolved immediately, Love is all That Exists, On Planet Earth=Heart, where WE are all Equal. Cooperations will be installed in their place, effective immediately. This is When NESARA will be released to the People. And So it is on Earth as it is in Heaven, and SO it is, Decreed, Granted.

Decree 4- No Longer will the Resources of this Planet be exploited to feather the nests of the ignorant. All the Resources on this Planet are Now, to Be returned to the People, as They belong to the People. And So it is On Earth as it is in Heaven and SO it is Decreed, and Granted.

Decree 5- The Entire 911 Truth, as well as The UFO Conspiracy Cover-Up, Must Be Revealed immediately, with all Other Secrets. [Otherwise, We will Just Show-Up] This will Be Revealed Now, to The People, which, The People, are the True Government on this Planet, this is The True National Security, The People are the Ones that make the Country Secure. If these are Not Revealed immediately, WE The People, Will Abolish that illusionary Government. And So it is and so will Be Done. Decreed, Granted.

Decree 6- AS soon as the Corporations are Dissolved and Cooperations have replaced them, The NESARA Funds are to Be released to the People, effective immediately, as soon as this occurs. And So it it is Done, and Decreed, Granted.

Decree 7- The Dream Machine, has been within the Pyramids, in which the Illuminati tapped into back into Atlantis. They soon found Psychics who were able to assist them. They found this and began misusing it, by implanting dreams and lower thoughts for the use of their own purposes. Celia Fenn Discussed this the Dream Machine in another Message. This has gone on for 13 Millenia. 13 Millenia is like one drop of water in a Multi-Dimensional Universe, an Ocean of Pure Love, as Always Pure Love. Because of the severe misuse of this Machine, The Planet has Requested it Be Reset to the Highest Possible Thought. Now, We will be Very Gentle with this, because an immediate Reboot would shock some of the Beings to Intensely. The Reboot will be a process, of a Shutdown, and Restart. Everyone on this Planet has Until October 28th, 2011, To Readjust to the New Reality. Now, All Lightworkers that have Already Stepped out of the dream, Your responsibility is to assist All Your Other Brothers and Sisters that are still in the Dream, out Of the Dream! And so it is, and so shall be Done. And so it is on Earth as it is In Heaven. And SO it Shall be, as Decreed and Granted.

These Decrees have always been Ever Present. Meaning they have Always Been Here. Now, it is Up to all Of you, to Put these into your Experience, Creation in Motion. For this is the Absolutely Exact Right Moment, of Your Complete Freedom if You So Choose, The Moment is NOW, When the Planet is Returned to the People. The Meek Are Inheriting the Earth. And SO it is on Earth as It is in The Kingdom of Heaven, and So it is, and So Shall Be as Decreed and Granted.

These Decrees Have Been Decreed, By the Galactic Federation of Light, The Kingdom Company of Heaven, All of the Angels, All of Your Family of Light, Mother Earth, The Ground Crew Medical Team, For First Contact and By Your Real Parents of Creation, Mother and Father God/Amon Ra. Granted and Decreed and SO it is, and So Shall Be done.

Attention all Lightworkers, Please Spread this Across the Planet. This is the Highest Truth on Planet Earth=Heart, as Decreed and Granted to ALL.