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Message Subject pedophilic subliminals in disney movies, shocking, must see
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
These accusations are absolutely insane and untrue.

I work in the Animation Industry and many of my closest
friends worked on The Lion King and Alladin, and all
the other Animation Features.

There is absolutely NO WAY these people would have put
anything immoral in their films. There is no Disney
"mind control".

I can verify and would testify under oath that all
the people who work on the films, from Producers
and Directors, to artists and technicians, and
wonderful people who love their audiences and would
NEVER, EVER put anything evil in their films. And the
Disney Organization is very concerned, also, that
their product is wholesome and beneficial to all.

If there ever was anything that was even suggestive,
it might have been a prank from a particular artist.
However, there are scores of people who examine every
frame of the film to make sure nothing bad gets in.

I wish the people who are accusing Disney and Animators
would find SOMETHING ELSE to criticize. There are plenty
of real problems in our Country for them to worry about.
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