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Message Subject pedophilic subliminals in disney movies, shocking, must see
Poster Handle Indian Elder
Post Content
I have crusaded for years against dis neys evil instruction of our children...primarily the fact that they promote witchcraft/satanism as a nice thing...almost every other Disney movie is about witchcraft: Partial list; Hocus pocus; bedknobs and broomsticks, witch mountain, return to w.m., H_E-double hockey sticks (about how allowing to be posessed by Satan makes you a star hockey player) and one movie where the child tries to bring back her dead mother shows looking over her shoulder how to look up occult on the wwweb and to find occult bookstores and then how to steal a book of spells and arrange a spell properly and oh yes, how cute, she accidently raises her barbie doll to life....Then think once, mickey was originally a rat and looked like one. Disn always struck me as having an "agenda".
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