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Message Subject pedophilic subliminals in disney movies, shocking, must see
Poster Handle Mickey Martian
Post Content
Were you aware that many, many Disney cartoons depict scenes of witchcraft that children would never be exposed to in any other way, at least at such a young age? When Disney put a wizard's costume on Mickey Mouse, and the Magick Wand in his hand, they embarked upon a totally new, and corrupt, course! When Mickey waves his wand, and causes "magic" to happen, that is witchcraft. When Mickey causes things to fly through the air, that is called Levitation, which is witchcraft.

Probably the most blatant example of Disney witchcraft is the movie, "Bedknobs and Broomsticks". The star of the show is Angela Lansbury, who plays a spinster in England during World War II. When she is asked by the British Government to take in 3 young children who had been removed from London, she is already an Apprentice Witch, and is striving to learn more about "The Craft". I was stunned as I watched the movie, as all sorts of witchcraft was graphically depicted, from Levitation, to spells that changed people into animals to spells that brought to life inanimate objects, to an ancient spell from Ashtaroth. According to the Holman Bible Dictionary, "ASHTAROTH (ash' tuhrahth) is the plural form of Ashtoreth, a Canaanite goddess of fertility, love, and war and the daughter of the god El and the goddess Asherah." Therefore, Disney portrays in a very favorable light one of the Canaanite goddesses for which God brought physical judgment upon Israel, because He was so angry of their idolatrous worship!! Congratulations, Disney, you have just encouraged our children to think kindly of Ashtaroth, a fake goddess of Antiquity whose worship by the Israelites provoked God to physical judgment of the entire nation!

Most of all Disney cartoons, including those of our English Fairy Tales, contain enough witchcraft poison to ruin the minds of our precious children!! If you do not believe me, just rent a few of them and see how many times spells are created, how many times objects fly through the air, how many times 'special power' is summoned to solve the problem. It seems as though Disney has been getting very creative and bold as the years have progressed. In the promotional trailers for 'Hercules', I can spot repeated examples of when witchcraft is used, both on the White Magic (Good) side and on the Black Magick (Evil) side. Remember, Disney almost always employs the White Magic vs Black Magick witchcraft for their plot, while most people think they are still looking at the Good Guys with White hats versus the Bad Buys with Black hats of the Western movies. But, of course, the Western movies never, ever employed witchcraft on either side to attempt to win the battle.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 616618

You have to be some type of pervert to latch on to that video's conclusions. Let's see: an arm extended in a bathtub is representative of an erect penis; a black woman sitting with her legs open (let's ignore the fact that she is very "big"); "splattering" water represents something like a pedophile doing something with a child....you are SICK, OP, and this video is nothing more than the product of a mind that can't get away from seeing everything as being coded message for sexual perversion.

BTW, as for the witchcraft, sorcery, etc. I have allowed and even encouraged my children to explore those areas, making sure they don't delve into negative energy or entities. It's no different than your christian religion: you pray, some cast spells to get what they need. You perform rituals, including allusions to blood sacrifice, so do others. You revere Abraham who was seconds away from murdering his own son in order to worship that sick bastard Yahweh, others such as Wiccans, have no such reverence toward a potential child-murderer.

So, in essence, OP, and all who agree with his viewpoint, go back quietly to hide under your rock, whine and worry about what jesus will think of your failure to convert anyone other than some sex-obsessed loser, because no one in their right mind would believe the crap you've posted here.
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