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Message Subject pedophilic subliminals in disney movies, shocking, must see
Poster Handle Greg_B.
Post Content
someone said there is enough pedo shit right in front of your face, worry about that first...

Well, ever wonder why there's so much of it in front of your face nowadays?

It's the final frontier, since we're all accustomed to Homosexuality now.

Anyway, Disney began it's assault in earnest with the advent of the VCR in every home. Children can be found in front of televisions putting in a Disney movie, watching it in silence, and rewinding it and watching it again like a rat to cocaine.

Meanwhile, their young minds awash in symbolism and subliminal programming to make them hyper sexual. Fast forward to these children maturing (1993-Present) and what have you got? Pedophillia everywhere, and teens who think a blowjob is a handshake.

If society continues along as it is, (and isn't destroyed or transformed into fascism) we're going to see a push for "Children's Rights" in which it will be granted to Children the right to consent, (slipped in slyly between other "rights")
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