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Message Subject pedophilic subliminals in disney movies, shocking, must see
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
In case no one else has mentioned it, pedophiles and gay folks, don't forget to mark your calendars for GayDays at Disney World the first week of June...Don't forget the sunscreen and/or the rain ponchos.

Please explain IF you see these two are in the same catagory. If you do... then i suggest you go out and get educated about this. You are showing yourself for being an ignorant fool!!

I'll jump on this one. Both have an unnatural urge to commit sex acts outside the norm of society. It doesn't matter if they were born with the urge or acquired it, what matters is if they actually act upon it. Most people have urges to do wrongful things day in and day out, it comes down to choice. It is when they act upon it or try to justify the urge that is really bad.

I don't doubt some homosexuals have an inborn desire for someone of the same sex but when they act upon it, it is harmful to society as a whole. Look around and tell me society hasn't suffered from being told to accept the homosexual lifestyle as OK. It is the same as society being told to accept that sleeping around with multiple people is OK, it has hurt society and the people involved - disease, emotional distress, a breakdown of morals, and the list goes on.

Prior to the 60's, for hunderds of years, homosexuality was thought to be a precurser to the decline of a civilization, i.e.Rome, Greece, (California, the US seems like!!)The diagnostic books on classified it as a mental, physical and social abberation and perverted. PERVERTED.Part of the problem was a prediction for younger and younger partners. They suggested therapy. Then many gays got into the field and had this removed. It was the first of many legal moves.
Quote me scources that say Homosexuality is wrong?? And i find it interesting you are jumping on this.... I ask you then... Do you group Peadophiles and gay folks in the same catagorey??

Sorry, part of my answer starts above begins with Prior to the 60's.
In the 70's and 80's I worked in professional Liability, malpractice of Doctors, lawyers and all the churches including Catholic. It appears that after Vat II and even before, gays infiltrated the church all the way up to bishops etc. and helped one another in and to promotions. In rome they were called the lavender mafia as they reached higher offices. I worked on these files and read depositions till i vomited because the church so got blindsided by this...and 99percent of the morality claims were GAY priests with little boys. NINETY NINE PER CENT. The rest were the standard choir girl/choir master etc that all the churches had. The claims were hidden by the higher up gays who were already in place. This was part of the third secret of Fatima, by the way. It took 40 hours of listening to Fr. Malachy Martin before I found that out.Now they are at work in other churches, most notably the Anglican.

I never let my boy join boy scouts or similar things because I was well aware of this and it has proven true over and over. Thats how new gays are created...it certainly insnt inherited. Because they seldom marry and reproduce the "gay gene" there should be none around. Its a choice, a fad, a selfish lifestyle that takes away from society and families and destroys morals.
 Quoting: Indian Elder 515100

Not to thread drift too much but...

I am not prejudice against gays, because they are gay. However, I rely on EXPERIENTIAL FACTS of behavior I have observed over time. While they can be nice or assholes just like straight people, here are some 'abnormal' behaviors I have observed among gay men:

1. Promiscuity and group sex, even among so called 'gay couples'
2. Alchoholism and drug abuse
3. Fondness for children - one couple I knew took annual trips to Mexico. They bragged about the young boys they 'met' there. Apparently the age laws are different there.
4. One of these people was arrested for kiddie porn
5. The other died young from alchoholism
6. At least a dozen I knew died from aids

Not making this shit up, just things I have seen firsthand. So I think there may be a pedo connection for sure, as the agenda advances to acceptance of homosexuality, is this the stepping stone for acceptance of pedophilia and other devolutionary elements? I hate to profile and stereotype, but facts are facts and trends are trends. Illuminati/Mason have long history of homosexual accusations, because anal sex with another man is a perversion against nature which they use to gain access to dark magickal forces.
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