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Message Subject pedophilic subliminals in disney movies, shocking, must see
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Those of you who think it is a simple case of "look for it and you will see" are missing the point entirely. To be fair, your good intentions are evident in your ability to suspect fear-mongering, however, when given proper and careful analysis it is disturbingly evident that Disney films have (for a long time) been promoting pedophilia via subliminal messages since its inception.

Why this would surprise anyone is as bewildering as some of the material. The racism in old Disney films is very clear and documented - but we're well-trained to see it. Therefore it will take a bit more careful attention to detail in order to see the references to pedophilia in Disney movies.

The entertainment industry is like any other industry that is largely controlled by those who strive for riches, or, those who are rich. Because the rich will join with the rich to protect the rich, you will end up with these tightly-knit, elitist organization of individuals. Growing up with money and power on the brain is not any way to establish human values. So, needless to say, entertainment has a tendency to be influenced by sadistic desires just like anything else.

It is fundamentally sick. And it has been going on for quite some time. These disturbing images over the decades (from Disney material to many other avenues) have played their role in what society has become today. Whether or not the case can be made that it is *intentional* or *unintentional* is, in many ways, irrelevant. The fact of the matter is, we are who we are because of our conditioning.

Do you think that the people who hold all the chips don't understand this?

Conspiracies are only hard to believe when they are taken out of context with human nature (which is easily done, unfortunately, when trying to dig deep).

Bottom line: subliminal messages in children's entertainment is extremely sadistic and disgusting and Disney needs to be exposed for where they began.

It's definitely worth investigating and exposing.
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