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Message Subject Is Obama going to Denver to take shelter from what is coming?
Poster Handle Juliett 484
Post Content
Denver Int. Airport has underground facilities and control
center. Research DIA and see for yourself.

I've been there. The murals are sickening. Death and Nazism seems to be the message from the Masonic New World Order that is everywhere in that place.

And with all the PC changes a single person can make, not one person has ever publically questioned the nature of this mural?
 Quoting: Sireen-reborn

oh yes they have! and some murals have been altered because of the complaints and the investigations and the lack of desire to discuss it by the airport reps.
They won't give a valid explanation for the imported stones that make up the concourse floor. They won't explain the writing embedded in some of the stones...

researchers have searched, and researched and many theories have been put forward... with no official confirmation.

then the blue horse with the glowing red eyes that killed it's creator is installed on the grounds...

it looks like a horse out of some end times movie script...

so, maybe like an episode of 24, the black american president will be in the absolute right place at the write time when the producer calls action?

many questions. few good answers.
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