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Message Subject strange fatigue, tingling in the hands or feet occuring at same times each day for many_WTF_is Haarp, Gwen, cell phone system brodcasting on timer sy
Poster Handle Mysterysoul
Post Content
To me and my Armchair experience with both Guillain Barre and CIDP. those symptoms are extremely similar.

could be a neurological disorder as well. MS is very similar to those who experience CIDP or GBS.

CIDP effects people differently, from tingly and numbness to outright fatigue to a full blown case.

blame it on HAARP all you want. but if those symptoms are there... it's definatley not something to play around with

I spent 6months after my inital onset recovering in a hospital bed. ICU for the first 2 months.

6months afterwards of physical therapy to learn how to walk again( i lost all feeling and ability to use my arms and legs)

and 6months after that to regain my strength. I have not been the same since.
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