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Message Subject strange fatigue, tingling in the hands or feet occuring at same times each day for many_WTF_is Haarp, Gwen, cell phone system brodcasting on timer sy
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It's odd that the Wikipedia definition for CIPD doesent actually include the natural remedy for the disease of the myalin sheath around nerves, which produce the numbness.

The problem is called neuropathy, a pathology (pathy) concerning nerves (Neuro).

The remedy is Lipid soluable Vitamin B1 and B12. You can buy a bottle of these vegetable based lozenges you suck on, or you can start buying foods with B1 and B12 in them like certain beans (lentil, black) and some grains. Search the "Natural food remedies for neuropathy". B12 is in tunafish.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 605143

I have tried the natural and Dr. Remedies. to each person it responds differently. Read around on forums of suffers sometimes it's similar sometimes some folks are pretty bad.

For me, it was a complete change of lifestyle. Slower, and laid back, to combat the fatigue. the numbness and tingling, varies, everything from sex, to the wind blowing can sometimes cause them to react.

Immunoglobulin is a common treatment. I have tried supplements when I stopped getting the IVIG's. but to no true comfort in all honesty.

Some folks modern treatments work, some folks they don't.

I wouldn't find it terribly odd that a natural remedy isn't mentioned(feel free to add one if you can). It's not a common malady that occurs, although there have been reports of higher numbers then usual due to Vaccinations as of late. As both CIDP and GBS can be caused by a viral infection benign or not.

Mine was caused originally(and was originally diagnosed as Guillain Barre Syndrome) by the Flu Virus Vaccination, I had received 2 Vaccinations in less then 2 weeks(I was military at the time). but there were traces of the cytolomegalovirus in my system as well. so it could have be either or that caused it.
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