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This is for everyone, enjoy

User ID: 618269
United States
02/19/2009 12:11 PM
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This is for everyone, enjoy
1. Your entire family tree has just been
grown, in preparation, for entry into
an eternal life.
2. Raising you directly into it not an
3. Due to your adaptive nature as you grow,
and the tendency for many to grow divided,
this civilization could not be born and
raised directly into the life originally
intended for you.
4. The life you are now experiencing has been
only a special stage, designated for the
growth process of the family trees.
5. You were created to live forever, in
eternal, physical bodies, but your growth
process needed to be completed during
a separate stage, and that is what this
civilization has been experiencing ever
since the plantation.
6. This will ensure a proper introduction
of your creator, and the planned world
society that follows.
1. It is completely natural for you to easily
adapt to your everyday surroundings as you
grow from birth.
2. If you were raised inside a house with no
doors and no windows for many years, and
then finally emerge, you would think of
the trees, the grass, and the animals as
truly amazing.
3. Just as if you were raised without knowing
your creator and the secrets about your
existence, you will be truly amazed when it
is all finally introduced to you.
4. Your family trees needed to be grown into
a separate era, instead of raising you
directly into the life you were created
to live.
5. This is to ensure that you will not take
your creator, and the secrets about your
existence, for granted.
1. Since you were created as intellegent beings,
you will naturally grow into your own opinions,
and your own understanding of life.
2. This world is naturally divided during your
growth process because of that.
3. If a crowd of random people were raised inside
a house with no doors and no windows, their
opinions as to what could be on the outside
will be different from one another.
4. Only when they all finally see for themselves
that there are trees, grass, and animals,
can their opinions be united.
5. Since you were raised alongside the trees, grass,
and animals, your opinions as to how they came
to be are different from one another.
6. Even if you were raised alongside your creator,
many would still grow into their own opinions,
and many would still grow divided.
1. The goal from the beginning was to eventually
unite this civilization into one understanding
and one respect for each other.
2. By allowing you to grow into your own opinions
for a while, in a world void of the truth, a
final, grand unveiling of the truth will
actually have an impact and this civilization
will live united from that day forward.
3. The truth needed to be hidden from you during
this growth process for affectiveness.
1. During this long development stage, many have
proven themselves to be dangerous individuals.
2. Many have proven themselves to be rude, selfish,
and inconsiderate toward others, but many have
but at the same time, many have proven themselves
to be kind, generous, and respectful toward others.
3. One thing you all have in common is that you were
all born and raised into a life that seems to
have no purpose other than to live for a while,
and then eventually die.
4. Nothing expected out of it.
1. A certain rich man, generous at heart, disguised
himself as being poor among a random crowd of
2. After meeting everyone, individually, he noticed
that some were rude, selfish, and even threatening,
but many were kind, generous, and respectful toward him.
3. One thing they all had in common was that no one knew
he was rich and generous, and therefore no one
expected to gain anything from him.
4. Had he announced that he was rich before meeting
everyone, then the ones who were naturally
unpleasant toward him would have pretended to be
kind and respectful, only to gain something from him.
5. The ones who were naturally pleasant toward him
would not be recognized and valued as much as they
should be.
1. This has been a special stage, designated for the
growth process of the family trees, and is NOT the
life you were created to live.
2. This special growth period was set to continue
until a certain day when the planet can not be
left unsupervised any longer, then this civilization
will be safely translated into a continuence fo life,
under the conditions your creator has planned for you.
3. Your eternal bodies are duplicates of the ones you
now inhabit, but perfected to your individual
1. With the advancement of weaponry, and the rise of
dangerous people and certain leaderships, this
planet cannot be left unsupervised any longer.
2. During this growth period, you were able to compare
good to evil.
3. Safety to danger.
4. Convenience to inconvenience.
5. Peace to no peace.
6. Relief to worry.
7. You have seen both ends of the spectrum and NOW you
know how to actually appreciate the good end of
the spectrum, and we will now move forward.
8. How could you truly appreciate a safe, peaceful,
and convenient eternal life if you were born
directly into it?
9. This stage has set the foundation for a proper
introduction of the life you were all created
to live, and you will be safely translated into it.
1. When the enemies of Israel and America succeed in
detonating an electro-magnetic pulse above America,
all power will be lost.
2. You will notice the fire spread through the sky,
and then you must instantly be translated.
3. This means most of you who are alive right now
will not experience death.
4. Death was a separate of this growth period, and has
nothing to do with the transformation of this world.
5. Many from the past will also be translated at that time.
6. This is absolutely nothing to fear.
1. Many are taught that the eternal world leader
lived two-thousand years ago.
2. If that were the case, then the end of this stage
happened two-thousand years ago, when this
character was about to be thirty years of age,
as it is written.
3. The creator's world leader is risen toward the very
end of this stage, and at no other time.
4. When this individual is glorified, you will know
exactly who he is.
1. The armies of this world are strong, but there
is one hidden from you, reserved for the day in which
you will be saved from the evil of this planet.
2. If this planet was left unsupervised any longer,
there would be total destruction and much suffering.
3. That is not part of the plan, therefore it will
not be.
1. The new world leader has placed no law, because there
is no need for law under his rule.
2. Everyone has been determined, and many of you
are very capable of governing your own lives, and
contributing your peaceful nature to the new world.
3. The central leadership of the new world is more
of a distribution and an influence, rather than
a controlling entity.
4. You should not need to be controlled by anyone
but yourselves.
1. Many different religions have been constructed, all
worshipping the same creative entity, and even they
are divided.
2. There is a simple way to live and that is " treat
others the way you want to be treated."
3. Conceal your profanities from those who are
sensitive to them, especially children.
4. Live peacefully, respect others, treat them kindly,
and you will live under no law.
5. Law is in place for the disobedient and now that they
have been determined, the law will be dissolved.
1. You were created to enjoy life, scenery, and
2. You were set in a realm of physics that is best enjoyed
by you.
3. The smaller the faster, the bigger the slower,
you were set in the middle so you can enjoy living.
1. You could not be born and raised directly into the
life you were created to live.
2. Your minds needed to be trained a certain way
before it could be introduced to you.
3. Had this civilization been planted to grow directly
into the new world, it would have been a waste of time.
4. Refer back to the parable of the disgiused rich man,
and also consider what naturally occurs during the
human growth process.
1. It is very important that you do not worry about
the economy, the enemies, the climate of the planet,
and anything else related.
2. The translation will occur before these could take
full effect.
3. The plan has not changed.
4. The translation does not mean your infants will
awaken into ageless adults.
5. They still need to grow even after translation.
6. Give thanks to your magical creator.
1.The Russian-Iranian leaderships have set up a major
scheme, and plans to take over the world.
2. They have no idea that someone else is one step
ahead of them.
3. Immediately after they detonate the electro-magnetic
pulse above America, we will switch over.
1. Before television and internet, filthy minded people
were only able to influence others locally, but now
they can spread their filth around the world.
2. This has damaged the minds of many in this young
3. Those responsible will be held accountible and that
is a promise.
1. Consider your magical bodies and the advanced circuitry
that allows for your mobility.
2. So much magic is already around you, but you do not
recognize it because you have grown adapted to it.
3.This is completely natural during your growth process.
1. After translation, the knowledge about your creator
will fill the earth like the water fills the ocean.
2. You all agree that the ocean exists because it is
so obvious.
1. If this planet was left unsupervised for too long,
you will all suffer severely, so welcome the
1. The enemies will succeed in detonating their weapon
above America, but that will be the final draw.
2. They will succeed, but only for a moment.
3. Like dreaming that you obtain something very special
for yourself, only to suddenly wake up without it.
4. This is the beginning of your eternal lives,
so please enjoy, and I will see you all VERY SOON. Jason
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 292667
02/19/2009 12:40 PM
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Re: This is for everyone, enjoy
Thank you.
What´s the source?
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 618269
United States
02/19/2009 01:07 PM
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Re: This is for everyone, enjoy