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Devils Tower, NORAD, Roswell, Green Energy and Barack Obama’s stimulus plan

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02/22/2009 04:29 PM
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Devils Tower, NORAD, Roswell, Green Energy and Barack Obama’s stimulus plan
Devils Tower, NORAD, Roswell, Green Energy and Barack Obama’s stimulus plan

February 19th, 2009 | Guest Blog

By: GalacticWacko - guest blogger @ 8:18PM - EST

The “Ley Line” link to the Denver Stimulus.

When I first heard of Obama going to Denver to sign the Spending bill an alarm went off in my head. So much so that I began to doing research into Denver and had to answer the question… Why?

What I came across was quite enlightening. Denver lies just near the 104 line of longitude. To the Illuminati the 104th is a “Ley Line”.

[link to i221.photobucket.com]

[link to i221.photobucket.com]

“These are psychic/magnetic/ethereal locations or lines of power that traverse the Earth”
[link to www.scoreboard-canada.com]

So what else is on this line. Let’s see: Devils Tower, USAF Academy, NORAD, Roswell and the New World Airport (which is suspected of having an underground base). Thus, it leads me to believe that the Denver signing was more than just a promo for the Green Energy companies. It was a staged event to symbolize the Illuminati’s new headquarters for the Western Hemisphere. Remember, Obama also accepted his nomination in Denver this past summer.

Obama and his masters are quite clever. But NOT clever enough. There is a new web-site called www.BornAgainAmerican.org . Which has to be one of the sickest sites I have ever seen. It looks good on the surface. Cool music that really relates to my plight and probably yours. But what is begin BORN AGAIN?

“The Freemason initiation ceremony of being ” re-born ” or “Born Again”. The novice is required to physically lie down inside the coffin and arise whereupon they are born again into a higher level within the society of Freemasons , a higher level of spiritual awareness and of exclusive esoteric knowledge..”
[link to www.missingpersons-ireland.freepress-freespeech.com]

Go visit this site. As you are there notice the little sign held in the crowd picture. It reads, “CHANGE”. Clearly, linking Obama supporters brain to acceptance and going mostly unnoticed by the rest. Notice how THEY tell you what it is to be a BORN AGAIN American. But the rabbit hole goes deeper.

[link to i221.photobucket.com]

Next click on the parent site, People for the American Way [link to site.pfaw.org] Now see what they say about being an American. First, they PROMOTE gay marriage. Second, they DENOUNCE God! Watch as the pics change on the main page. You will see one say, “Darwin NOT Dogma”.

Link all of that together and you have some kind of convoluted, distorted and warped idea of what it is to be an American. This needs to be countered and uncovered for what it is. I will be furthering my investigation and feel free to send me any info that you may have that would help.

Video: Obama signs massive spending bill on Ley Line 104

[link to www.youtube.com]

Visit Galacticwacko’s YouTube Channel HERE.

[link to www.youtube.com]

"In a time of deceit telling the truth is revolutionary act." - George Orwell

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United States
02/25/2009 12:14 AM
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Re: Devils Tower, NORAD, Roswell, Green Energy and Barack Obama’s stimulus plan
The Freemasons there sacrifice babies at Colorado at some mansion.
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