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Is Facebook the Killer app for UFO Disclosure ?

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United States
02/23/2009 05:04 PM
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Is Facebook the Killer app for UFO Disclosure ?
Is Facebook the Killer App for UFO disclosure?
February 22, 3:01 PM
by Larry Lowe
[link to www.examiner.com]

Dr. Michael E. Salla, PhD, founder of the Exopolitics Institute, along with members such as Jeff Peckman and others in the exopolitics movement are utilizing Examiner.com as a means to publish information on the web in support of the exopolitical agenda.

They are, following in the ideological footsteps of Steven Bassett, actively attempting to propagate the meme that the Obama administration will be the one to finally revoke what Basset calls the 'truth embargo' and formally disclose the existence of ET operating in Earth's biosphere.

(cont'd at link)
[link to www.examiner.com]