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The NWO Adoption of Inter-American Democratic Charter!!! The truth they would have you n ot know

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02/27/2009 05:03 PM
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The NWO Adoption of Inter-American Democratic Charter!!! The truth they would have you n ot know
I have waited a while to put this on here but time is growing short and it is time for more to know the truth an decide for themselves how much they wish to lie to themselves, and their children. Wake up America. The United stated of America include every nation State in the Western Hemisphere.

Think it cannot be so? Did you know every American Nation State is incorporated and the registered with the SEC in the District of Columbia (Washington) Please do some research and come to a true understanding of what that means! Maybe I will post more about what that means for each nation state as well us the perceived US of A.

(Their words exactly!)

A Shared Vision for the Americas

The Organization of American States (OAS) brings together the countries of the Western Hemisphere to strengthen cooperation and advance common interests. It is the region’s premier forum for multilateral dialogue and concerted action.

At the core of the OAS mission is an unequivocal commitment to democracy, as expressed in the Inter-American Democratic Charter: “The peoples of the Americas have a right to democracy and their governments have an obligation to promote and defend it.” Building on this foundation, the OAS works to promote good governance, strengthen human rights, foster peace and security, expand trade, and address the complex problems caused by poverty, drugs and corruption. Through decisions made by its political bodies and programs carried out by its General Secretariat, the OAS promotes greater inter-American cooperation and understanding.

Key Dates

Year Event
1959 Creation of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

1961 Signing of the Charter of Punta del Este, which launched the Alliance for Progress

1969 Signing of the American Convention on Human Rights. This took effect in 1978, establishing the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, headquartered in Costa Rica

1970 Establishment of the General Assembly as the highest decision-making body of the OAS

1986 Creation of the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD)

1990 Establishment of the OAS Unit for the Promotion of Democracy

1991 Adoption of Resolution 1080, which set up procedures to react to threats to democracy in the hemisphere

1994 First Summit of the Americas, which reaffirmed the OAS role strengthening democracy and established new priorities for the Organization

1996 Establishment of the Inter-American Council for Integral Development (CIDI)

1997 Ratification of the Protocol of Washington, which gives the OAS the right to suspend a member state whose democratically elected government is overthrown by force

1998 Second Summit of the Americas and creation of the OAS Office of Summit Follow-Up

2001 Third Summit of the Americas. The hemisphere's leaders instruct the OAS General Assembly to prepare an Inter-American Democratic Charter

2001 Adoption of Inter-American Democratic Charter on September 11 in Lima, Peru

2002 Inter-American Convention against Terrorism opened for signature at OAS General Assembly in Barbados

2004 Special Summit of the Americas, with focus on growth with equity, social development and governance.

2005 Installation of José Miguel Insulza as OAS Secretary General and Albert R. Ramdin as Assistant Secretary General.

[link to www.oas.org]

O yeah its here all right. Good Morning AMERICA!
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