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Crew chosen for Mars isolation test


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United States
03/08/2009 07:05 AM

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Crew chosen for Mars isolation test
Crew chosen for Mars isolation test

[link to www.newscientist.com]

Read an interview with Pascal Lee,

[link to www.newscientist.com]

who discusses what it was like to spend 402 days in a research station in Antarctica.

GOT a house mate who's driving you crazy? Try being cooped up together for 105 days straight in windowless metal canisters.

To better understand how astronauts on a journey to Mars might cope with the confinement on the 520-day trip to Mars, the Institute for Biomedical Problems in Moscow, Russia, and the European Space Agency have set up such an experiment.

From 31 March, French airline pilot Cyrille Fournier, German engineer Oliver Knickel and four Russians - cosmonauts Oleg Artemyez and Sergei Ryazansky, Alexei Baranov, a doctor, and Alexei Shpakov, a sports physiologist - will be stuck in a simulated Mars spacecraft. Their communications with the outside world will be delayed by 20 minutes to simulate the radio lag between Mars and Earth.


wow, is that the capsule behind them they will be in? No way.. I'd go nuts in a day.