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My state earmaked nothing, got nothing. We are running a budget surplus at this point. We don't pay for federally mandated bullshit, and the nice lady at the revenue office asks you if you want a CCW permit to go with your non-Real ID DL. Oh yeah, our main GDP is FOOD. The rest of you staes can suck on your bailout funds.

and which state is this??


hate to tell you, but arkansas is getting $2.9 billion from the ARRA.
[link to www.recovery.arkansas.gov]

Read the final bailout bill. AR doesn't get anything. This was an estimate, on the website.

We are in the black. All of the allocations were for federally subsidized programs anyway, so we'll still get paid, or we'll cut them, like any intelligent budget manager would do.

LOVE IT bump
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 538854

This is a very philanthropic state, but not by federal mandate, but by people. I live in a farming community of 3,000, maybe 7,000 county wide, and there's a church of some sort every 5 feet, feeding the unemployed every Tuesday and holding benefits for the local schools to get new science equipment and computers. That's the way it used to be, and that's the way it best works, because people can see directly how their donations effect their neighbors instead of being taxed to death so some asshole at Lehman can get a 3 million bonus for losing the company money.

The state don't pay for shit, but when my Father's wife was dying of cancer on a major medical policy, private philanthropic organizations covered her hospice care.

Oh yeah, I'm Libertarian, by the way.
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