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My state earmaked nothing, got nothing. We are running a budget surplus at this point. We don't pay for federally mandated bullshit, and the nice lady at the revenue office asks you if you want a CCW permit to go with your non-Real ID DL. Oh yeah, our main GDP is FOOD. The rest of you staes can suck on your bailout funds.

and which state is this??


hate to tell you, but arkansas is getting $2.9 billion from the ARRA.
[link to www.recovery.arkansas.gov]

Read the final bailout bill. AR doesn't get anything. This was an estimate, on the website.

We are in the black. All of the allocations were for federally subsidized programs anyway, so we'll still get paid, or we'll cut them, like any intelligent budget manager would do.

the website is brand new, as in it just went online today.

not only that, but there's a state certification letter that you can read which clearly states that governor mike beebe will request and use funds provided by the act. finally, there appear to be a number of news articles published as recently as today that suggest that mike beebe will indeed be using the federal stimulus money.

please, show us where in the final bailout bill it states that arkansas is not getting anything, because you must be the only person who read that line.

Read it. No earmarks for AR. I can't abide your reading discomprehension.

Everything on the site is money provided by federally mandated programs that the state would have received anyway, if people weren't in fear of the Fed going belly up.

Please try to read. Obammy is promising to pay monies if we keep the teat milking. The bill is not yet funded. States like AR will not payout if they don't get paid......it's the sweetly veiled threat via internet extortion, if you will.....

I dig it.

sorry, but i don't have time to read through the entire stimulus bill at the moment. you apparently have, though, so maybe you can at least give me a section title or number to focus on.

on the other hand, maybe you should try to read as well, as i've provided evidence that arkansas is indeed on the list to receive money from the stimulus bill, and by all accounts will be taking at least some of that money. the items listed on the website are part of the stimulus bill only, it's not a list of all the federal money that they normally receive.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 454845

Hate to break it to you, but yes, I have read the final bill, and yes, I have read the apportiontments to my state, and that is less than what the FED would pony up for in an entire year for medicaid, roads, dams, parks, unemployment etc. (and we do have a hell of a lot of parks and dams.......maybe you should think about how much it costs to keep the most major rivers in the country from decimating communities every year. We've been keeping them on an unnatural flow for 30 years, don't you know, and they flow through my state), and maybe you should research your own state and how your own monies are allocated and maybe this is just window dressing for a federal budget that doesn't exist at this juncture. And maybe you should think about how you are going to feed and clothe your loved ones when the dollar becomes worthless and you are living in some sewage infested condo......while my peeps will be growing food and livestock, shooting revenuers, and living life like they did before you started sucking on the government subsidized milk program in pre-school.

Learn some skills. You'll need them here.
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