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Hate to break it to you, but yes, I have read the final bill, and yes, I have read the apportiontments to my state, and that is less than what the FED would pony up for in an entire year for medicaid, roads, dams, parks, unemployment etc. (and we do have a hell of a lot of parks and dams.......maybe you should think about how much it costs to keep the most major rivers in the country from decimating communities every year. We've been keeping them on an unnatural flow for 30 years, don't you know, and they flow through my state), and maybe you should research your own state and how your own monies are allocated and maybe this is just window dressing for a federal budget that doesn't exist at this juncture. And maybe you should think about how you are going to feed and clothe your loved ones when the dollar becomes worthless and you are living in some sewage infested condo......while my peeps will be growing food and livestock, shooting revenuers, and living life like they did before you started sucking on the government subsidized milk program in pre-school.

Learn some skills. You'll need them here.

wow, ok, let's stick to one discussion here: whether or not arkansas is receiving any money from the latest economic stimulus plan.

i never doubted that you've read the entire bill, that's wonderful. all i'm asking for is a section number or title that details what each state will or will not be getting. i found the full text and did a search for 'arkansas' and nothing came up. maybe you can help me with that, since you've read the full text of the act.

you seem to now be suggesting that arkansas IS set to receive money as a result of this act, so maybe you realize that you're wrong here. just for clarification, the money provided to each state by this act is entirely separate from the other money that the federal government provides to each state every year. it is not replacing that money, it is meant to be used as a supplement.

so then, if you still think arkansas is not receiving any money at all from the economic stimulus bill, then please provide evidence of this.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 454845

OK. You are a publically educated dumbshit.

Let me spell it out for you.

Stimulus bill is just bullshit to keep federally mandated teat sucking moving. What is apportioned to the states is what they would normally get for federally subsidized programs. It's a budget window-dressed in bullshit.

Please read the stimuless bill instead of jacking off to American Idol tonight, and you might learn something, or not, since you seem to like to flog a dead horse.

Oh, sorry for you, ED drugs are off the menu this year.....
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