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In Response to debtors prisons, mortgage difficulties etc

posted to AC 631437
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United States
03/12/2009 01:59 AM
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In Response to debtors prisons, mortgage difficulties etc
I read your rant about the people you are counseling through your church, and I must say, that although I totally agree with much of what you posit, I hardly agree with it all! You do know that making blanket statements or generalizations about any group of people is extremely dangerous, and downright UNChristian!

Consider this...some people who were forced to finance via subprime mortgages had to do so for reasons other than greed. Like a family of 5 who has gone without health insurance for 10 years, because to do so would cost in excess of $20K a year if all out of pockets and deductibles were accounted for. So if something really bad happens, and all of a sudden they are facing a $30,000 medical expense, they have no other choice than to file for bankruptcy...because although paying $100/month towards that bill might all sound good, it is UNREALISTIC and untrue, especially when faced with wage garnishments of 2-5% of balance, all while late fees and interest continue to build on unpaid balance (btw, interest is est at 1-3%). So the family gets into a better financial position, one which can afford them a house, yet they must accept a subprime mortgage, hoping to be able to refinance as time passes and their credit builds.

This is just one example of millions out there, and although I personally can relate, our mortgage is a traditional mortgage, yet we are struggling at the moment to make our house payment. Yes, we make it as soon as we are able, and currently are only 12 days past due. I'll be getting it paid up on the 20th, when my husband receives his check. I'll be playing catchup for a few months on all our bills, as we are able (mortgage, utilities, credit cards).

You see, my husband got laid off on New Years Eve day. While he was laid off, I suffered a work injury which makes me nearly unable to walk, much less work. I'm a bartender, he is a welder. After 6 weeks of being laid off, my husband started a new job working for a farmer in a neighboring county. I've been laid up now since the 14th (or rather since 2am on the 15th) of February. I dont get to see the doctor until the 17th, except for the Emergency Room visit I had when my legs went totally numb. The ER doc said it's possibly neuropathy, or others are thinking collapsed arches. I dont know what it is, but it's painful as all get out, and very irritating and inconvenient. Hubby's new job was paying $3.50 less an hour than he was making before lay-off, but at least it was a job. Well, in that time, he's proven himself and is back to making what he was at his previous job ($3.50 raise after probation).

In that meantime, we had no choice but to apply for the children medical assistance (aint used it yet) and food stamps. We've paid into the system for 22 years, and were desperate, so why should we be looked down on as scum of the earth because we fell on hard times, none of which was of our own making or choice? This month is the final month in which we will be taking a hand up (not out). I'm as opposed as anyone about the "welfare" system, but this time it really did go to help someone in need, not just someone for nothing. I'm still not able to work, and with no health insurance (for 9 years), I'm probably never going to get the proper care or find out what is really going on with me...and as the ER doc said, if it isnt taken care of here shortly, I'll end up in a wheel chair at a very young age (I turn 40 this month).

Do the Christian thing, and stop generalizing everyone...Jacob had a coat of many colors, as does this world. We cannot all be fortunate like you, wealthy or well off like you, and even those of us who are insanely smart have not chosen financially well such as yourself. It takes all kinds to make the world go around.

Now, as for those who took subprimes in order to swindle the system (getting cash back, kick backs, buying one prop with excess from another, etc), then yes, throw them in jail, because they STOLE for profit. Otherwise, I suggest we get back to teaching the basics of Ethics in our government run indoctrination centers! As for the materialistic and greedy, well, it's going to be a cold and lonely existance when they find themselves out on the streets. And stop bailing out banks and banksters who perpetuated this fraud!

Btw, we went into buying our house with 0% down (not that we didnt have 5% to put down...but we stuck the money we did have into improvements in an unlivable, rotting, decrepit home. This way, the house didnt go to waste, and we also put it to good use by making it a home.

Have a great day.