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Message Subject 80+ Obama related Scandals...
Poster Handle Riker
Post Content
Here's entropy with the disinfo again.

how is it disinfo exactly?

They disagree with it.
 Quoting: entropy

NO... Forgive me for using the wrong term. Let me clarify:

If you can't stand or disagree with Obama, you are automatically called:

A Bush-tard, or another term that shows the poster assumes that because you don't like Obama you must like Bush


A hick

Etc etc

And then instead of addressing the actual information presented about Obama, they pull the "but, but... other people are bad too" bullshit.

Stick to the topic at hand. Address the scandals. This has nothing to do with Bush. This has nothing to do with "my politician is less dirty than YOUR politician".

Stop trying to distract from the perfectly valid discussion of scandals, just because YOU DISAGREE WITH IT.
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