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Message Subject 80+ Obama related Scandals...
Poster Handle entropy
Post Content
Here's entropy with the disinfo again.

how is it disinfo exactly?

They disagree with it.

NO... Forgive me for using the wrong term. Let me clarify:

If you can't stand or disagree with Obama, you are automatically called:

A Bush-tard, or another term that shows the poster assumes that because you don't like Obama you must like Bush


A hick

Etc etc

And then instead of addressing the actual information presented about Obama, they pull the "but, but... other people are bad too" bullshit.

Stick to the topic at hand. Address the scandals. This has nothing to do with Bush. This has nothing to do with "my politician is less dirty than YOUR politician".

Stop trying to distract from the perfectly valid discussion of scandals, just because YOU DISAGREE WITH IT.
 Quoting: Riker

Ok, Now as soon as I read something that is relevent to thew constitution and not some stupid shit that you right wing shills:
# Jeremiah Wright Obama Scandal - Obama pledges never to disown his pastor despite Rev. Wright’s anti-American and racist rants. Wright says “G.D. America!” during a service. Days after the news, Obama tosses Wright under the bus along with his white grandmother in a clumsily handled press conference on racial relations.
# Father Michael Pfleger Obama Scandal - Another “man of God” Obama calls a spiritual advisor, Pfleger spoke at Obama’s church mocking Hillary Clinton saying she expected to win only because she was white. Obama finally decides he should leave the Church. Ya think?!

Who gives a flying fuck about his pastor?

I dont!

Then again, I'm not one of you (THANK WHOEVER)
It's obvious. When Bush was breaking America and Breaking the law, the right wingers look the other way. 400 + Times.
You haven't mentioned one specific provable scandal that is relevant for action to remove this man from office. Bush should be in prison. That's the way things should work because it's the law. No back to your reindeer games, there's plenty of idiots here that will play with you. Don't make it "gospel".
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