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Message Subject 80+ Obama related Scandals...
Poster Handle entropy
Post Content
You haven't mentioned one specific provable scandal that is relevant for action to remove this man from office.

Get back to me when Barack 'Nairobi' Obama shows his Birth Certificate.

[link to genealogy.about.com]
[link to wire.factcheck.org]
[link to www.amnation.com]
[link to www.factcheck.org]
[link to answers.yahoo.com]
[link to www.snopes.com]
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Where is the birth certificate that he had legally sealed?

You really want to set some hardcore anti-privacy precedents don't you? Show me your SS Card.

I'm not running for POTUS so hence I don't have to prove anything.
 Quoting: poisonfan2008

If you did you wouldn't believe it. Just like every court, Dept of Health, Newspaper(Historical with Birth Announcement in Honolulu) wasn't believed. I doubt you believe anything.
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