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Message Subject Mind Control ~ How This CAN and WILL Affect You ~ GWEN, HAARP, ELF
Poster Handle DaJavoo
Post Content

That's just epically stupid.

Do not even think about listening to this shill.

OP, I agree with all of this. Thank you for putting it together. There is a helluva subject...I know as I have done some research myself.

Check out squib.com, and do a search on "Pulsing RF". You will find a number of papers there on this subject. One of these papers actually has the Freemason's compass logo on it! I was shocked.

What also concerns me, and I am no expert at all either, but I think it was Bill Deagle who suggested that the conversion to digital would give them the capability to send ULF frequencies through our digital tv's. Friggin mind control through our televisions...maybe that is one thing you were trying to get across and I missed it?

Either way, weather you think Deagle is credible or not, it is proven that ULF frequencies of 2Hz-5Hz can actually kill. I think, though, that the decibal sound pressure needs to be about 150db. If you are subject to these frequencies at this Db level or higher, it will literally turn your internal organs to mush. Independent research is available on this.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 633615

TYVM ~ Since the 'digital conversion' and the anecdotal reports of WHY the Iraqis flew up the white flags so quickly made me take this much more seriously.

What I'm looking for is a way to DEFEAT this shit.

If we cannot, and it IS INDEED USED ~ we are so screwed.
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