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Message Subject Mind Control ~ How This CAN and WILL Affect You ~ GWEN, HAARP, ELF
Poster Handle DaJavoo
Post Content
The bottom line question to all of this is of course is HOW DO WE PROTECT OURSELVES????

Frequency jammers? Magnetic fields or faraday cages around our home...LOL? I have no clue...

The answer was in my previous post:

The most important thing in all this is spreading awareness of the answer to this:

Connection to your higher self and alignment with the divine will always keep you true and in the proper place

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 513770

AC, I'm not discounting spiritual grounding, but it has been proven beyond all doubt that the human body DOES respond to ultra low frequency waves. If this technology is used (as in the Iraq War's "Shock & Awe" roundup) AWARENESS would be the only defense.

The reason for this thread.
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