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Hudson River Miracle? Assassination By Plane Crash Of Top American Bankers Fails In US

Capt. Sully Sullenberger
User ID: 635770
United States
03/16/2009 07:11 PM
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Hudson River Miracle? Assassination By Plane Crash Of Top American Bankers Fails In US
Assassination By Plane Crash’ Of Top American Bankers Fails In US

Airline passengers are rescued from a US Airways Airbus 320 jetliner that safely ditched in the frigid waters of the Hudson River. The photo was taken by a passenger on a ferry. (AP Photo / January 15, 2009)

Russian Military Intelligence reports circulating in the Kremlin today state that an attempt to shoot down an American passenger plane over New York City carrying some of the top officials from the United States largest bank, and largest financial services company in the World, Bank of America, failed when the pilot quickly reacted to his crippled and burning aircraft by landing it in the Hudson river extinguishing the spreading flames and saving the lives of all aboard.

Quoting some of the direct statements from passengers on the attacked aircraft (including Jeff Kolodjay who stated “I heard a loud explosion from the left side of the plane [and] the smell of gas was strong.”, and Dave Sanderson who also stated “I heard an explosion and saw some flames coming from the left wing.”) the FSB additions to these reports state that ‘without a doubt’ the missile used to attack this US aircraft was a Russian made Igla-S man-portable air-defense system manufactured at the Degtyarev factory in the city of Kovrov due to its ‘unique frequency signature’ recorded by [listening devices] located at Russia’s UN Mission offices in New York City and orbiting satellites.

It has long been known by Russian Intelligence Analysts that the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been in possession of 50 Igla-S missiles stolen from Russia by the British MI6 terrorist spy ring run by their agent Hemant Lakhani, and who in 2003, while being pursued by FSB commandos was ‘rescued’ by CIA forces and brought to the United States where he remains today.

It should be noted that the United States has stated that Hemant Lakhani was ‘convicted’ by their Federal Court and sentenced to 47 years in prison for his arming of terrorists with stolen Russian weapons, but to this date, FSB requests to have this verified, and to actually see and interrogate Lakhani, have been denied by US Intelligence Officials. Likewise, repeated Russian requests to have the stolen Igla-S missiles returned have been denied as the Americans have stated that they are still being used as ‘evidence’.

To the reason behind this attack upon some of the most powerful bankers in the United States, these reports continue, was to further the collapse of the American economy by ‘assassinating by plane crash’ Bank of Americas top officials who were returning to their home base in North Carolina after negotiating a $138 Billion US government bailout, and which would ‘totally destroyed’ the stock value of Americas largest bank plunging the US into further financial chaos.

As to why these most powerful of American bankers would even be allowed to fly on aircraft normally used by ordinary people, these reports continue, the US Congress had previously pressured all of their Nations top industrial and banking officials to stop using their private airline fleets while at the same time accepting from the American taxpayers billions of dollars in bailout funds. Read More
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 636382
United States
03/16/2009 07:25 PM
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Re: Hudson River Miracle? Assassination By Plane Crash Of Top American Bankers Fails In US
A false flag that went south on the perps. No wonder the plane was forced to land in water and not return to the airport.

We GLPers smelled a rat immediately because this had all the fingerprints of an insider attack. Dates, times, numbers, etc. It all was too coincidental.