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BREAKING: Obama Requiring Private Insurance To Cover Disabled Veterans

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United States
03/17/2009 03:54 AM
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BREAKING: Obama Requiring Private Insurance To Cover Disabled Veterans
[link to www.navytimes.com]

Major veterans and military groups like the Obama administrationís proposed $4.9 billion increase in the Veterans Affairs Department budget for next year, but they donít like some details, especially a proposal to raise money by billing veteransí private health insurance for some of the cost of treating service-connected injuries, illnesses and disease.

The idea is not fully explained in the budget summary released by the White House on Feb. 26, but it appears to follow the concept of billing private insurance for government-provided health care to see whether some of the costs can be covered. Whether private insurers would pay anything would depend on their policies on serving as the second payer on medical expenses. Some insurance policies cover such costs and others do not.

Full details are not expected until late April, when the full 2010 budget is announced. But military and veteransí groups didnít wait for details before attacking the idea.

Just heard this discussed on the midnight trucker network..apparently they are going to try and include this in the 2010 budget...

So basically if you serve your nation, your nation says fuck you, pay for it with your own private insurance, your disability is your problem, not ours.

How you fucking assholes who voted for Obama can support him after this is a testament to true mental stupidity. Note even Bush would pull shit like this.

Obama is a fucking communist.