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Message Subject Just on Nasa TV! STS119 Discovery encounters UFO!
Poster Handle antisoshal
Post Content
I'm sure all the truthers will just bombard me with Shill replies, but for those actually interested, the view was from the docking bay. The camera that operates there is similar to a periscope, in that its off angle viewed using a spherical prism as both a lens and an angular modifier. The "object" you see is actually a lens flare as seen through that prism. If you look at the big screen view in beginning, the sun is off to the upper right and moving OUT of field. The lens flare moves in the opposite direction as would be expected. On the other recorded view of this I saw, you can clearly see the struts in the docking window impede but don't completely obstruct the struts, making them appear transparent as the "object passes over them. This is again very consistent with basic optics. If the object were simply illuminated, the struts would remain as clear obstructions. Because the flare is an artifact of the viewing prism, its diffraction is internal and thus the two images will be additive, leaving a faint image of the struts.

Score one for the trolls who put that hysterical audio in the clip. They are high-fiving and watching with glee as this spreads across the interwebs and discredits those of us who do actually believe in the possibility of extra-terrestrials but aren't so anxious to see them that we find them lurking in every corner.

I wish I was a paid shill...It would probably be a raise.
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