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Message Subject Just on Nasa TV! STS119 Discovery encounters UFO!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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once again, rather basic optics. you are looking at an object who's distance from the observer is measured in nautical miles. The magnification on the camera is rather HUGE. now pass small debris and dust ( a small cloud of which follws the ISS in orbit) and sidelight that with the brightest light we know of ( the sun). The fuzzy patterns and size of the objects are cause by diffraction ( read up on it). You can duplicate this by holding you hand up to a light then making the gap between your fingers as small as possible. You will start to see multiple gaps and multiple lines. As the gap, or the object, approaches a multiple of the wavelength of the light present, it bends slightly when passing the object creating regular appearing fuzzy edges. You can demonstrate this with a microscope (almost everyone has. Put a dirty slide on and focus just beyond the plate: instead of fine particles you'll get HUGE elaborate designs that look astonishingly like what you see in this video. The camera is focused on the tether, not the dust in between. This is mostly child splay for anyone with some decent science knowledge. I'm amazed by how easily people will buy into ridiculous explanations for simple phenomenon.
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