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Message Subject Just on Nasa TV! STS119 Discovery encounters UFO!
Poster Handle Ostria
Post Content
neat meteor shower. I like the lightning too. If youre interested, read up on sprites and upper atmosphere lightning. The power is amazing and we know very little about what causes it.

Didn't really see anything there that defied explanation given that the imaging was mostly in infrared and this the heating from the sunlight makes everything show up as huge and white on an otherwise cold backdrop. In the visible spectrum most of those meteors wouldnt be visible. You'll see some particles fade in and out as their path changes. Textbook example of something that looks inexplicable to the average person but is the status quoe.

There are some similar videos where some of the "meteor" change direction, leaving their tales visible. I've yet to see any science based explanation of that. I cant really imagine what one could be. Even static fields cause parabolic motion, not right angle turns.

Plasma Cosmology and scalar physics.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 635573

Like the ball lighting that can change direction.
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