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Message Subject Just on Nasa TV! STS119 Discovery encounters UFO!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I think the most telling thing about the footage is that the commentator doesn't react at all when the object floats by.

She obviously has been trained to not miss a beat, although she does get a bit flustered towards the end.

At least this time NASA didn't cut away from it...Maybe they are starting to come around to letting us know what they know...but I doubt it very seriously.

Hey NA SA, here's a shocker...Most people already believe that UFO's are real and most think they are ships made by extra terrestrial beings.

No need to keep covering it up. Imagine the amount of "black-ops" money you would get if you just told us the truth.

It wouldn't change my belief system one bit, as I already know what they are and who is piloting them.

You big dopes.
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