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Message Subject Just on Nasa TV! STS119 Discovery encounters UFO!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I don't see anything in the first posted vid...but the rest...

I think we call them "souls" here on Earth.

I say "souls" because I have seen with the naked eye what seemed identical to the glowing, moving & pulsating orbs.

I know what I (and 3 others) witnessed was in fact a retreating "soul".

A child miscarried....and the distraught mother worried if the soul was okay. As the mother sat in her wheelchair,the heavens opened...our ear pressure changed and it we all got a light show in the sky.

All who watched were in amazed as it grew out of the darkeness....danced around a bit to get her attention,and then once it had her attention(and ours)...it pulsated...it danced(you could feel it saying here I am....I'm here...seee...look at me...I'm fine...)it vibrated...
pulsated...flickered...then it discharged an extremely bright crystal like light and then it went away. I think it tired. It ave a final curtsey an then it collapsed onto itself...sucking air pressure with it. Our ears could hear it POP as it left and our ears were draining earwax fluid afterwards.

Literally, this orb of light gave a show...and responded to mental questions and thoughts of the mother. The others just witnessed the event but the mother truly interacted with this orb. Her sorrowful was eased after this...smart orb.

The behavior in the vdeo seems similar to that experience. I get the same "feeling" just watching them.

I'll put my money on these "UFOrbs" are unmanifested souls.

Souls being born and souls leaving bodies. Others just hanging around....re-energizing...checking in on fam and friends.

Energy LIVES.
 Quoting: antenna 617652

what a lot of crap
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