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fema camps, NWO , chemtrails , 2012 , nibiru/planet X etc

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 636999
United Kingdom
03/19/2009 05:26 PM
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fema camps, NWO , chemtrails , 2012 , nibiru/planet X etc
Advertising at it's best!
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 45754501
United States
08/25/2013 07:50 PM
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Re: fema camps, NWO , chemtrails , 2012 , nibiru/planet X etc

8 24 2013

I am retired military (E-8) and a "precious metal collector".  I feel strongly about this country and put my time where my mouth is.  There is something afoot around October 1st this year.  FEMA, DHS (ha) and the projects above are on the stage as we speak.  The heavy ammo purchases, the heavy MRE purchases, the DOD move for NO LEAVES for military personnel through the period around October 1st, the strengthening of bridges and highways from central USA to Canada, where heavy machinery/weapons are stored at a Canadian military base, and a Canadian USA agreement to allow free access back and forth between central USA and Canada are in place.  The program to outfit our sheriff's men and state security people with "military style methods and equipment" -- read : Light Tanks etc.  (REX 82 compliant) has been completed .  Contracts let by FEMA/DHS sensitive to the program being planned are all due to be fulfilled by October 1st or the week before... it varies.  You know that we are currently training at least 400,000 United Nations  men....... in the fine art of Urban Warfare... and the training is ABOUT TWO MONTHS LONG,  and will end 26 SEPT 2013...
Do you desire a canary in this mine?  OK:  listen up on radio and TV... when you get a NATIONAL EMERGENCY "TEST" EVERY DAY... you are experiencing the start of the activity.  From what I have been reading and hearing, it is initially going to involve the area around DC, like Maryland and Virginia, whatever that FEMA management district is...It is either #3 or #4... BUT huge amounts of ammo are being stockpiled in Southern Texas near the capitol... so Texans be aware of being "next".   Why do we need a NATIONAL emergency test?  if FEMA has primarily been involved in regional disasters... hummmm.   White boxcars, railways with spurs into razor topped 15 foot fenced yards with huge facilities to house "ICE, dissidents, and disaster" individuals and families... how do you see "helping someone in a disaster" requiring that type of fencing?  can't get out... This conspiracy is HUGE and will pretend that they are cleaning house regarding some element that we find a problem with... such as drugs, or insurgents with bad breath and good dynamite, or civil unrest.. POTUS has the plenary power to decide without being checked by ANYONE if the CABLE SPLICER/REX CONTINUITY OF GOVERNMENT (COG) plan needs to be used, and has unlimited, unfettered legal cover to make it happen in accord with the appropriate Presidential Letter.... look em up.  Finally... can we figure out some way to recognize each other in the Detention Centers, like Taylor TX, etc... like a ribbon or something?
I hope they let me take my Bible, at least.  It is cinch that they will get my metal collection for some Elite's office wall.  What say you?  Still abiding in the hopeful darkness?  As we used to say, pick the hill.... let me suggest, this is the most important hill being presented to us in the life of this country... much more challenging than the Civil War.  God Bless America, and God pay our friends out East for their folly in good time. 
Dr E