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Message Subject Still Missing Doppler Radar in the Pacific Northwest
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
my theory the government didn't not want to Washington State 10 million to install Doppler radar to cover the blind spot off the pacific coast, is to leave military maneuvers off radar. A Doppler would pick up anomalies and they don't want us to know what is occurring off our coast. A super Doppler radar in HD would give us more detailed information about storm systems, and alert the public to better protect their property and evacuate if needed. It could also show USA military exercises, and possibly others in the area. China and Russian subs, yes with a super Doppler Radar in HD.

Instead they let billions of dollars in damage occur, and loss of life, why?

Meteorologists use radar to track storms, hurricanes and tornadoes. You even see a form of radar at many grocery stores when the doors open automatically! Obviously, radar is an extremely useful technology.

When people use radar, they are usually trying to accomplish one of three things:

* Detect the presence of an object at a distance - Usually the "something" is moving, like an airplane, but radar can also be used to detect stationary objects buried underground. In some cases, radar can identify an object as well; for example, it can identify the type of aircraft it has detected.

* Detect the speed of an object - This is the reason why police use radar.

* Map something - The space shuttle and orbiting satellites use something called Synthetic Aperture Radar to create detailed topographic maps of the surface of planets and moons.

Is someone testing sonic weapons off the coast...Is this the reason we are not getting radar coverage.

Would coverage in this blind spot pick up Echo, Sonar and Doppler Shift too?

This is what full radar coverage looks like.
National Weather Radar image of Katrina near landfall on the Louisiana coast in 2005
[link to www.atmos.washington.edu]

In contrast, below is a radar image from the NWS radar at Camano Island. The large wedge-shaped void on the Washington coast is due to blocking by the Olympics--it is raining along the coast and offshore but we can't see it. There is some radar returns west of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, but by the time the radar beam gets there it is already about 5000 ft above the surface!
[link to www.atmos.washington.edu]

Why place the radar station so far inland?

stations and Gaps in radar coverage.
[link to www.atmos.washington.edu]
[link to www.atmos.washington.edu]
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