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Message Subject Still Missing Doppler Radar in the Pacific Northwest
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is funny ... The Chinese have a whole fleet of Spy ships!

Yeah they do! I think they are waiting for the USA to shoot down the North Korean satellite, so they are planning this story in the people minds in cause they counter attack USA...

I very much doubt that.

How would they get their Army to the United States Unnoticed?

That's a no brainer.....

Really How?

I don't know how war strategies, maneuvers & military tactics go...You could strategically station troops, if you have a navy, place subs/ships/air force, troops ready on alert. Stratigraphical would be off the pacific coast, Canada, Mexico/Venezuela....Create a diversion, say a launching of a test satellite , DPRK maybe...Or start a skirmish to get the enemy troops on some wild goose chase. Send a EMP at the same time, knocking out the enemies comms...While they are diverted, move in..Or plunge them into economic chaos...War is expensive, but to the victor goes the spoils...

It could be anything at this point...

From this thread about China, Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Iran Invasion war in the USA.
Thread: Chinese naval generals accuse US of espionage China Allies of North Korea, Russia, and Iran...

I have had for the past 2 days, black helicopters fly over my house. I'm not saying it's due to this post, I find it a odd coincidence...I have an old digital camera Olympus C-3000 that won't work on my new comp with XP OS. I used it on my old comp win OS 98, but now I need a reader card for smart media that I can't find in the stores otherwise I would take pics of these black helicopters!

I have also had salesman and Jehovah's witnesses, or at least they say they are Jehovah's witnesses, knocking at my door since the 11th. They don't go to my neighbors house, just my house. I don't let them in, and my pitbulls guard the house anyways, enough to intimidate them from even wanting to come inside the house, lol

Is there a connection with the china thread, and this missing radar? Or just a coincidence?

I will check this thread later, now I need to go walk the dogs...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 590052

I saw the black Chinooks low and fast over Redmond on two consecutive days last week. Not sure what to make of it.
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