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Message Subject Still Missing Doppler Radar in the Pacific Northwest
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Wow no one interested in the gap in the radar for the Pacific northwest!!!!

No one interested in storm alerts to protect their home, lives?

No one interested in the gap in homeland security, civil defense!

Okay then!

Interesting statement you made on the tranny thread about the distraction. I recall the hamburger avatar stuff happening when something heavy was going down, do you remember what it was? And for sure, if I ran this website and wanted to cause an all encompassing distraction thread, bashing Nikki would be the way to do it. Good detective work. I'm watching the skies.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 480609

Yeah, I recall the hamburger avatar, and this thing with Nikki and I talking about how the Chinese/Russia could invade the USA without being noticed is quite disconcerting. Not to mention since 1993 they knew about the missing radar, and still we don't have it despite all the billions in damage!

This is a huge hole for Chinese/Russia subs to infiltrate our seaports since we have no radar!

Thanks for the comments 480609

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