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Message Subject Still Missing Doppler Radar in the Pacific Northwest
Poster Handle The Commentator
Post Content
Is the NWO allowing the blind spot to allow the USA to be invaded by China, Russia, Venezuela, Mexico, North Korea, Iran, whoever allies against the west?

Why else would the feds allow billions of dollars and loss of life to happen, instead of installing a Doppler radar to cover out blind spot for about 10 million! Why?

Care to tell us how a weather radar will protect against foreign invasion?

Oh right, you can't.

wrong. here is a simple page for your simple mind on how radar works.

Meteorologists use radar to track storms, hurricanes and tornadoes. You even see a form of radar at many grocery stores when the doors open automatically! Obviously, radar is an extremely useful technology.

When people use radar, they are usually trying to accomplish one of three things:

* Detect the presence of an object at a distance - Usually the "something" is moving, like an airplane, but radar can also be used to detect stationary objects buried underground. In some cases, radar can identify an object as well; for example, it can identify the type of aircraft it has detected.

* Detect the speed of an object - This is the reason why police use radar.

* Map something - The space shuttle and orbiting satellites use something called Synthetic Aperture Radar to create detailed topographic maps of the surface of planets and moons.

All three of these activities can be accomplished using two things you may be familiar with from everyday life: echo and Doppler shift. These two concepts are easy to understand in the realm of sound because your ears hear echo and Doppler shift every day. Radar makes use of the same techniques using radio waves.

In this article, we'll uncover radar's secrets. Let's look at the sound version first, since you are already familiar with this concept.
[link to www.howstuffworks.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 590052

Which utterly, and staggeringly fails to answer my question: How does WEATHER RADAR protect against foreign invasion?

Try it again, kid.
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