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Scotland Yard Probes Muslim Hate Preacher Who Calls to 'Hide Jihad Terror Clues'

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United States
03/21/2009 11:53 AM
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Scotland Yard Probes Muslim Hate Preacher Who Calls to 'Hide Jihad Terror Clues'
Scotland Yard Probes Muslim Hate Preacher Calls to 'Hide Jihad Terror Clues'

vid hat tip Tom Dolan

As the West wrestles the enemy within:
Islamic hate preacher Anjem Choudary probed over call to 'hide terror clues' Daily Mail (hat tip Rut)

Muslim Anjem Choudary could face a police inquiry over calls to his followers to hide evidence from investigators.

Scotland Yard is examining a video of a 90-minute speech by Choudary on an extremist Angem Choudarywebsite.

On the tape he apparently says: 'Your house should be clean. There should be nothing at all there which they can come along and then can form some sort of intention.'

He also allegedly urges terror suspects to flee Britain, telling them: 'Don't take your chance in court.'

Choudary, 41, whose supporters recently hurled abuse at soldiers from the Royal Anglian Regiment returning from Afghanistan, is under constant review by MI5 and police. the Metropolitan Police's counter-terrorism command is examining his latest speech.

Police are already believed to be examining whether he broke the law in calling for money to be collected for islamic fighters.

On a website he has allegedly been heard calling on Muslims not to save money for their families but to give it to Mujahideen - holy warriors.

It is an offence under the terrorism Act to raise money for terrorism, whether in this country or overseas.

Last week, the families of soldiers killed by friendly fire in Iraq reacted with fury after Choudary, the right-hand man to cleric of hate Omar Bakri, taunted them over the deaths of their loved ones.

Muslim extremists brandishing banners calling British soldiers 'Butchers'