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Message Subject Meet Supriem David Rockefeller - Self-Proclaimed "Messiah"
Poster Handle ThreshingSword
Post Content
Vatican means Divine Serpent

//... The word Vatican means “House of the Serpent” which the Pope even has the Serpent on his chest plate and he carries the Sun staff, the symbol of Marduk Ra. //...

. .

Can you confirm that the word "vatican" means "house of the serpent"?

Of COURSE he can't, because it's not true.

Hell, he's OBVIOUSLY mentally ill, look at the rest of this thread, ALL garbage!!


 Quoting: friend 641947

Who really cares what the word "Vatican" means. The point of this thread was to find out more about this Supriem character, a Rockefeller I had never heard of. If you want to say my thread is trash, you're certainly entitled to your opinion, and I respect your right to disagree. But 10, 20, 30, perhaps 50 years down the road, information about this type of occult activity within the elite bloodline families will be common knowledge and it will be shouted from the rooftops, and people like you who called it poppycock won't be around anymore.

I didn't mean to quote you, Friend, but the person you quoted!
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