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Message Subject Meet Supriem David Rockefeller - Self-Proclaimed "Messiah"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A couple of comments...

Does anyone remember the Nostradamus line about the anti-Christ wearing the blue turban, in the Middle East? This photo is when Supriem was in Israel. (It's at this link, but I'm going to try to get the photo to show up here on GLP, too: [link to wespenre.wordpress.com]

Remember what a big deal the Pentium computer chip was when it came out? The comment from the Part 3: "...Supriem was making a deal with China to use his technology to get them to the moon, using what they call "Ununpentium" Vril Generators."

It has been my experience that there is no coincidence with words, where they came from, and how they're used, and this is a good example of that.

The description of Supriem and his thoughts and actions does parallel all that I have learned about Enlil. Dan Winter gives one of the best rundowns on the history in his Nephilim-DNA videos, IMHO.

Enlil wanted us all to perish in the Flood - even made Enki sign a contract saying he would keep his mouth shut. But, Enki whispered through the tent wall (not breaching the contract) to Noah and gave him the heads up. As they watched the destruction from overhead, even Enlil got a little sad about the demise of humans, and then he found out Enki had given Noah the tip.

The 20th century history of technology on earth is quite intriguing, too. It suddenly blossomed into unreal things, beginning with Bell Labs' transistor. If you study what is being done today, what was being done then, it is hard to deny the existence of our receiving and using ET technology. There is further quite credible information about artificial intelligence here, now, only we aren't seeing it, unless we're really looking, so ...

As a little experiment, keep your camera handy. Turn on the news and watch the talking heads and politicians. Some of them have a terrible blinking problem - and you can go back to older videos online and they didn't have the problem in the past.

Set your camera to burst and just start snapping shots of the big, blinking-eyed head. Download to your PC and enlarge to see what you get. Look at their eyes esp, but also their nose and mouth. It is stunning. These people have been inhabited by something else and it sure isn't human.

Dan Winter says that when the politicians meet to vote, it should be law that a 15-18% oxygen level should be required in the room because the co-inhabitant creeps would have to abandon the bodies and only the human side of the politicians would be left to deal with our human issues. Sounds like a deal to me!
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