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Message Subject Meet Supriem David Rockefeller - Self-Proclaimed "Messiah"
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I guess "no comment" on my previous post.

Daniel I have a question for you. Maybe you can help me out.

I know alot of masons back Supriem but are there different factions within the masons that oppose or are neutral to him?

Does the "Temple of Power"(formally known as the "Temple of Set") support him?
 Quoting: OotW 667613

No comment on previous post of yours, but I don't think that him coming out is solely a hoax or a psi-op.

I see it as more of 'testing the waters' so to speak.

I only know as much about Supriem as was outlined in Leo Zagami's blog and in Wes Penre's blog. I still have not sent this thread to either of them, or to Fulford.

His spokesperson Michael disappeared off of Myspace a bit after I wrote to them, and whoever else did as well.

Skull & Bones is backed by the Jesuits & the Vatican.

I was looking for a Skull & Bones / 322 image earlier and I came across this site; these are some 'evil powers' who could kill me in an instance.

I was checking out this site earlier:

[link to www.zimbio.com]

I am not here to 'oppose' anyone, I believe in eventual redemption; at least for those who chose that way within themselves.


Here is where I stand (from my myspace page):

Phase I: A Wake Up, The Final Clarion Call

This is phase one of a Tri-Phase approach to planetary transformation that was initially written in 2000. Minor amendments were made after the events of 911, initially I sent this information and some other components to the British Mint. When I wasn't able to get through to them, even after speaking to a man from there on the telephone on September 14, 2001 - well I wrote to the UN. So alot of my information was sent to the UN surrounding the Sept. 23, 2003 UN General Assembly meeting.

Since I couldn't get through to the UN, then I wrote to Lord Jacob Rothschild after the dream I had about the "fall of his house".

Phase II has to do with creation of foundation for omni-dimensional science & spirituality, perhaps based upon understanding of science of ABC (astro-biological coenergetics) and fields within fields within fields.

Phase III: Transformation of UN into Global Council of Nations, Hyper-Light Grid, Beyond a New World Order Global Police State


Backwards in time, when I first began to "divine" the potential future of humanity; I was shown a tri-phased approach that would need to be implemented or that needed to occur to shift this planets timelines. When I speak of timelines, I am referring to the two timelines I saw projected forward 25 years into the future from the close of 1999 (see mission statement).

The scenario evolving in the Middle East is a major turning point, in one direction or the other; determining which timeline gains stronger potential for unfoldment. The occurrence of events must be re-vectored into sequence with pathways of unfoldment in alignment with the completion of prophecies detailing a return to the "circle of life".

We must also avert catastrophic obliteration of the level of civilization we have developed. We are facing increasing threats from global warming and the melting of the polar ice caps. Not only does this put the lives of many in coastal cities at risk, it also threatens to completely wreak havoc on World Trade and Distribution.

It is obvious that our continued reliance upon Oil and Fossil Fuels is an area for significant scrutiny. A large portion of the corruption, greed and misuse of power can directly be tied to the industrialization process and exploitation of OIL to fuel obsolete internal combustion engines. It is time for the Global Oil Cartel to be held accountable, and for new methods of energy farming and distribution to be employed.

Then there are the issues of Nuclear, Biological, Chemical, Electromagnetic, and Radiological weapons. It is quite hypocritical for the United States to point the finger at other nations for developing weapons of mass destruction when we have one of the largest, deadliest and most sophisticated arsenal's on the planet. On top of that we also plan to develop low yield tactical nuclear weapons for use on the modern battlefield, probably deployed by unmanned aerial vehicles.

The interesting thing about this tri-phased approach is that it is not necessary for it to unfold linearly, to a certain degree all three phases can and are occurring simultaneously. From my stance and vantage point, there is still the potential and enough time to overcome our tendencies towards self destruction as a species. If I did not feel this were the case, I would have given up a long time ago; lord knows the level of opposition that exists at this point.

Phase I : A Wake Up, The Final Clarion Call

As I understood this tri-phased approach prior to the events of 9/11, I was shown that around the entire planet; there would be individuals who would have experiences that would begin to shape shift their perceptual framework and worldview.

The cumulative effect and combined synthesis of this process would be a wave that would begin to sweep across the planet. On some levels this would operate similar to the hundredth monkey effect, with the establishment of the internet and Instant Planetary Communications; we would begin to think about all aspects of our existence differently. I would definitely classify the attack on 9/11 as being the "Final Clarion Call"

There are many levels that were related to this initial phase of development. I saw that there would be significant advances in neuroscience and understanding electromagnetism. Individuals who had experiences that did not fit into the conventional world view would begin to step forward and ask questions. There would be many individuals who would become angry with those in positions of authority.

I did not foresee the degree to which terrorism would grip our worldview so early in the 21st Century. In retrospect I can see clearly how the events of 9/11 have increased our edginess. There are two pathways within the human soul, one of them is in alignment with the highest ideals of the minds potential; this is the pathway through the heart. This is the mode of being alluded to by all spiritual sages. The other pathway takes us farther away from our immortal desires and deeper into the sins of darkness - this is the terrorist pathway.

This polarization is becoming increasingly more apparent, as are the shades of grey. There are those who will seek retaliation and to feed the desire for revenge. Those within whom a chord has been struck who hold onto illumination will serve as a pillar for balance. Those who understand that light and darkness are two components of a force that exists unified beyond division will be in the ideal position to influence positive change.

I understood that as these individuals came forward with the truths that they had beheld, they would join together; these people would be from all walks of life, age groups, nations, races. They were individuals who held onto an awareness that extended and overlaid the worldview we existed within during the 20th Century, they were referred to as the 'Warriors of the Rainbow'.

These individuals would begin to anchor into their consciousness and perceptual framework this extended awareness, they would take it seriously; and listen to what it was telling and showing them. They would begin to see themselves and their world for what it had become, and it would send a shockwave of unpleasantness into their cores.

These were the inhabitants of planet earth who had been directly affected by the Final Clarion Call, within whom it had struck a chord. I think of us as being "Light Warriors". We cross thresholds like a human being has never possessed the capability to perform before. We are Master Soul Extensions and Weavers of Energetics, holding onto the deep awareness of how cross-synthesis occurs.

A true "Light Warrior" is conscious and aware that he/she is here to serve a purpose in bringing the shadows into the light and illuminating the darkness. There are thousands and thousands of us, in each and every nation around this entire planet. We who have glimpsed or hold knowledge of the 144,000 faceted core / sphere


I wish I knew more, but I know very little; but I don't think this is solely 'some game'.

Hope that helps,
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